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Bishops Agree to Audit Themselves

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As this column was originally going to press on June 18th, the news had leaked that on Sunday, June 20th the Dallas Morning News was going to break a series of articles that would expose a whole new aspect of the priestly sexual scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church over the past several years.

Dallas Morning News reporter Rod Dreher (a Catholic, who was formerly with National Review magazine) said the story would be international in scope and devastating to the credibility of the post-conciliar ecclesial establishment, which claims it has moved aggressively to address the innumerable crimes committed by the innumerable homosexuals ordained to the priesthood since Vatican II.

He was right. The series has begun, and it reveals a systematic international effort to move priests accused of unspeakable crimes against young people from one country to another to evade the law  —  even after the priest scandals had broken out in the press and the bishops were under close public scrutiny. These fugitive priests have even been placed into close proximity with children in their hideouts. One of them, who fled the authorities in Australia, was found in Samoa surrounded by children of a local parish. Thanks to the Dallas Morning News, the priest was kicked out of Samoa and returned to Australia, where he awaits trial.

Perhaps it was in anticipation of this breaking story that the American bishops made a big show of their vote on June 16, 2004 "to stage a second annual analysis of how dioceses are responding to reforms adopted in the wake of the clergy sexual-abuse scandal." (Zenit News, 6-16-04)

According to a report by Zenit, the vote occurred behind closed doors at a special bishops’ conference, meeting near Denver, which "approved an on-site audit of all dioceses that would form the basis for the second annual report on the implementation of the ‘Charter for Child and Youth Protection.’ The charter requires that the Office of Child and Youth Protection does such an annual report."

So, the bishops’ "Office of Child and Youth Protection" will audit their own compliance with their "Charter for Child and Youth Protection." No wonder Frank Keating resigned in disgust from his position as chairman of the National Review Board, set up by the bishops to monitor their efforts to address homosexual predators in the priesthood.

Meanwhile, Democrat politician Anne Burke, the interim chair of the National Review Board, declared that she "is pleased with the decision to move forward with the audits and to begin further research into the causes and context of these crimes."

Further research into the "causes and context" of these crimes? Is she kidding? Wake up, Mrs. Burke! The cause of these crimes is the ordination of homosexuals as priests, and the context is the priestly relationship of trust these homosexual predators have exploited without hindrance for decades in order to prey upon the innocent.

And now, absurdity of absurdities, the American bishops try to deflect public criticism of their long-running cover-up of the homosexual rot in the Catholic hierarchy with meaningless self-audits conducted by their useless "Office of Child And Youth Protection" to implement their empty "Charter for Child and Youth Protection"  —  without ever once addressing why, in the first place, the Catholic Church requires national bureaucratic agencies to protect children and youth from Catholic priests.

But the bishops’ public relations stunts cannot conceal the self-evident truth: they have allowed, and continue to allow, a massive homosexual infiltration of the Catholic hierarchy  —  concerning which they propose to do absolutely nothing, while pretending to address the symptoms of the disease they have caused.

And this is a disease that is very far from having run its course. There is more to reveal, as the ongoing series in the Dallas Morning News demonstrates.