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While Vatican Ponders, Homosexual Infiltration Continues

by Christopher A. Ferrara

It has been three years since the Vatican, under Pope John Paul II, said that it would undertake a review of American seminaries and decide the "issue" of whether homosexuals should be barred from entering the seminary. (What issue? This is a no-brainer: sexual deviants are unfit for the sacred priesthood, even if they promise to behave.)

To date, absolutely nothing has happened: no review of the seminaries, and no document banning admission of homosexuals into the seminary in keeping with the Vatican instruction to that effect back in 1962, which has conveniently been forgotten.

On April 30, 2005, AP reported that "A Vatican evaluation of American seminaries planned three years ago in response to the clergy sex abuse crisis is expected to move forward under new Pope Benedict XVI and will likely tackle the polarizing issue of whether gays should become priests." But that’s what we heard three years ago under the pontificate of John Paul II. When will it happen? Who knows?

AP further reports that "Church officials conducting the review will inevitably take up complaints that gays are enrolling in large numbers in the seminaries and their sexual activity is tolerated at the schools, experts on Catholicism said." In other words, the homosexual infiltration of the seminaries has been continuing over the past three years with no sign whatever that the Vatican will put a stop to it.

Even worse, when the review finally does take place  —  if indeed it ever does  —  "more than 200 schools will be evaluated in a process that could take years." So, we have, thus far, waited three years for a seminary review that could take years to complete if it ever gets underway. In the interim, the Vatican has imposed absolutely no restriction on the admission of homosexuals to the seminary and holy orders.

AP quotes Father Joseph Fessio, editor of the Catholic publishing house Ignatius Press, on the subject of the seminary visitations: "The problem of course with these visitations is that they're friendly visitations and with friendly visitations you get results that can be predictable." So, even when the visitations finally occur, and even when the reports on these visitations are issued still more years down the line, the results will be "predictable"  —  that is, no strong action will be recommended.

But it is still worse than this. AP notes that "the Rev. James Martin of the Jesuit magazine America [whose modernist editor was recently sacked] says four Vatican sources had told him that, under John Paul, the Vatican was about to issue a decree placing severe restrictions or an outright ban on seminarians who acknowledge they are gay  —  even if they are celibate. The fate of that document and its exact contents are unknown."

Somebody, somewhere in the Vatican, has bottled up what would appear to have been a ban on homosexuals in the seminaries and the priesthood, and no one knows when, if ever, a document will be issued. Meanwhile, we have waited three years for a seminary review whose "predictable" (i.e. useless) outcome that will take years more to realize.

Bottom line: a new bumper crop of "gay" priests is thus assured, and with it a new harvest of scandal for the Church. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.