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Vatican Caves In To German Bishop On Abortion Certificates

by Christopher A. Ferrara
Although Pope

John Paul II has ordered the German bishops to cease issuing “counseling certificates” which allow German women to obtain abortions, the Bishop of Limbourg, Franz Kamphaus, is defying the Vatican’s order and will continue issuing the certificates. [See, Jan. 22, 2000]

After more than a year of haggling with the Pope, all the other German bishops have ceased issuing the certificates. Without a “counseling certificate” no abortion is permitted under German law. Issuance of the certificates is thus material cooperation in an abortion, as the Pope recognized in forbidding any further involvement of German bishops in the counseling scheme.

In typical neo-modernist fashion, Kumphaus has feigned obedience by meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal-elect Giovanni Battista Re (head of the Congregation for Bishops) at the Vatican to express his “agreement” with “the Pope’s objective” of ending Church involvement in Germany’s counseling scheme. Instead of ordering Kumphaus to stop issuing certificates which are virtual death warrants for the unborn, however, Ratzinger and Re apparently did nothing to stop him.

Instead, on January 22 both Kumphaus and the Vatican issued statements to the effect that Kumphaus would continue to allow “counseling centers” in his diocese to issue the death-warrants for another year, after which he would “compare” his “experience” with that of the bishops who obeyed and stopped issuing the certificates. In other words, the Vatican caved in.

Giving a woman a certificate she needs to get an abortion, after counseling her not to abort her child, is rather like handing a loaded revolver to someone you have counseled not to commit suicide: “Counselor: I implore you not to commit suicide. Counselee: I’ll think it over, but I’ll take the loaded gun.” Kumphaus directly facilitates murder in the womb, yet the Vatican does nothing but issue a press release, while giving him permission to go on facilitating abortions for another year.

Meanwhile, the head of the German Bishops’ conference, Bishop Karl Lehmann of Mainz, Germany, was suddenly added to the list of new cardinals to be invested on February 21 — a week after John Paul II had published what was supposed to be the definitive list. Lehmann has openly dissented from Church teaching on the admission of divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion, and in his theological writings has questioned the Bodily Resurrection of Christ. His reward is to be made a cardinal.

And so it goes in the post-conciliar Church: neo-modernist termites are coddled and even rewarded with red hats, while Father Nicholas Gruner receives a threat of excommunication from the Congregation for the Clergy. Excommunication for what? For nothing. In the post-conciliar Church it is safer to facilitate abortions than to preach the Message of Fatima.

Sister Lucia spoke of a “diabolical disorientation” in a number of those who have great responsibilities in the Church. What more proof do we need that Sister Lucia spoke the truth?