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"Double Standard" Update

ProtestProtestantsCatholic College Promotes "Gay" Event and

by Christopher A. Ferrara

You know things are bad when a Protestant organization has to protest the latest advance of homosexuals in the American Catholic Church. A news release by the American Family Association reports that the AFA (headed by the Protestant evangelical activist Donald Wildmon) has called upon Marygrove College in Detroit to call off a "homosexual Valentine's Day dance and fund raiser scheduled this month on the campus."

The press release notes AFA’s protest that this disgraceful event will "dishonor the holiday's namesake, a Catholic bishop (actually priest) martyred by the Roman Empire for his defense of traditional marriage between a man and a woman."

Unbelievable! A Protestant group has to remind a Catholic college about who Saint Valentine is, and why the college cannot desecrate his memory with a "gay event" in his name.

The AFA e-mailed its protest on February 11, 2002 to Glenda D. Price, president of Marygrove. I wonder what Marygrove has heard from the Archbishop of Detroit, Cardinal Adam J. Maida? Have there been any e-mailed, snail-mailed or other written protests from His Emminence? I would bet a considerable sum that there were none at all - at least before Donald Wildmon and the AFA got into the act.

Let us face the hard truth: the Catholic Church in America, despite a feigned deference to the Holy Father by neo-modernist clergy, has drifted into a form of widespread institutionalized liberalism - and yes, decadence - which makes even certain Protestants look downright Catholic by comparison.

It is a sad day for the Church when a Catholic college has to be called to its Catholic duty by a Protestant organization, while the local bishop says nothing. And yet, at the same time, a fine priest like Father Nicholas Gruner has to battle constantly to keep from being cast into outer darkness by an ecclesial establishment that seems to have lost sight of the very reason for its existence.

Shame on those who persecute the good while coddling the guilty. And may God restore His Holy Church through good priests like Father Gruner. If only we had even 500 more priests like him, we would not need Donald Wildmon to defend the memory of Saint Valentine.