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"Double Standard" Update

Vatican Says Chinese Commie-church "United" With Us

by Christopher A. Ferrara

When in 1988 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre decided to consecrate four bishops for the Society of Saint Pius X to assist him in preserving Catholic tradition in a Church whose human element (as we can now see) is crumbling in every nation, he was immediately declared a "schismatic" and cast into outer darkness.

But when it comes to the communist-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA) in China, the Vatican apparatus is constantly telling us how "united" its adherents are to Rome. The CPA, of course, has one hundred bishops who were illicitly consecrated  —  96 more than Lefebvre  —  and is required to swear allegiance to President Jiang and his genocidal population control policy, including forced abortion.

Yet the Vatican apparatus constantly pretends that there is nothing too terribly wrong with the CPA. According to a recent Zenit news report, "The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace says that Chinese Catholics, both in the state-approved church and the Rome-recognized Church, are more united than ever. At a press conference held in the apostolic nunciature here, Cardinal François Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân said that Catholics who form part of the state-controlled Patriotic Catholic Association in China pray every day for the Pope in their episcopal sees and in the seminaries."

Excuse me, but if the underground Catholics loyal to Rome and those in the "state-approved" Church are just so darned united, then why should any underground Catholic remain underground, instead of simply joining the CPA, where they can all "pray for the Pope"  —  what a mockery!  —  while their communist-controlled "church" supports forced abortion?

The current Vatican apparatus seems to have lost sight of the fact that the CPA was founded by Satan, acting through Mao Tse Tung, who wished to abolish the true Church in China. That is precisely why Pius XII condemned the CPA in 1958, declaring as follows:

    For by particularly subtle activity an association has been created among you to which has been attached the title of ‘patriotic,’ and Catholics are being forced by every means to take part in it…. [U]nder an appearance of patriotism, which in reality is just a fraud, this association aims primarily at making Catholics gradually embrace the tenets of atheistic materialism, by which God Himself is denied and religious principles are rejected. (Ad Apostolorum Principis, June 29, 1958)

Why doesn’t the current Vatican apparatus warn the Catholics of China that the CPA is aimed at "making Catholics gradually embrace the tenets of atheistic materialism, by which God Himself is denied and religious principles are rejected"? Why, instead, does the head of the Pontifical Council for Peace and Justice claim that the CPA and the persecuted underground Catholics of China are "united"  —  thus implicitly undermining the very reason for the loyal Catholics’ refusal to join the diabolical CPA?

This insane situation is precisely why Our Lady came to Fatima to warn that "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved, etc". The evidence is building that someone at the Vatican is in possession of the words which follow that incomplete phrase, and that those words describe what we now see happening in the Church  —  from the Vatican on down.