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"Double Standard" Update

The Jesuits Implode While the Vatican Does Nothing

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As followers of the Father Gruner controversy would know, the Vatican has spent more time hounding and denouncing this one faithful priest than it has on the discipline of the legions of heretics and sexual deviants who are attempting to destroy the Church from within. In fact, Father Gruner is the only priest since Vatican II who has been subjected to public denunciations, including announcements of his bogus "suspension." Not even the infamous Hans Kung has been treated in this manner by the Vatican apparatus. Though he has denied or undermined just about every Catholic doctrine and dogma and publicly condemned the "despotic rule" of Pope John Paul II, Kung remains a priest in good standing in the Diocese of Basle (Switzerland), and his writings were praised in 1998 by none other than Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo ("Fatima belongs to the past") Sodano, who orchestrates the persecution of Father Gruner.

Another case in point: the utterly decrepit Jesuit order, about which the Vatican does absolutely nothing. In his column of March 13, 2002, the estimable George Neumyer assesses the current condition of the Jesuits, and concludes that: "Were Ignatius of Loyola alive today, the Jesuit order he founded wouldn't ordain him. His once-formidable society is now a corrupt club for homosexual dilettantes and anti-papal dissenters. Real Catholics need no longer apply."

Neumayr notes the case of Father Joseph Fessio, whose plight has been mentioned more than once in this column. Fessio, one of the few remaining orthodox Jesuits, was recently consigned by his Jesuit "superior" to an ecclesial gulag - a remote Catholic hospital in Duarte, California. Why? Because Fessio dared to become involved in the establishment of Campion College, a Catholic alternative to the corrupt Jesuit University of San Francisco, where students can join the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Alliance." As Neumayr notes, "Duarte, California, is becoming the Devil's Island for Jesuits who don't conform to the order's liberal regime. Father Cornelius Buckley, a longtime Jesuit history professor at the University of San Francisco deemed insufficiently liberal for the school, was reassigned to Duarte, California, in the late 1990s. The order called him ‘divisive.’"

Divisive. Now, that rings a bell. When an eminent canon lawyer interested in Father Gruner’s case inquired on his behalf at the Apostolic Signatura, the Signatura’s former secretary, Archbishop (now Cardinal) Zenon Grochelweski, told him that the "Father Gruner case", as they call it, is not really about where he should be incardinated - which is the pretext for all the proceedings against him - but "about what he says. He causes division." At a time when, as Pope Paul VI lamented nearly 30 years ago, there has been an "invasion of the Church by worldly thinking", the preaching of authentic Roman Catholicism - especially the ecumenically embarrassing conversion of Russia - does indeed cause division.

Neumayr observes that "In a typical liberal irony, the dissenters in the order who rose to power through disobedience to papal authority now use their power to repress ‘disobedient’ traditional Jesuits, lest their revolution inside the Catholic Church grind to a halt." Likewise, the same Vatican apparatus that counsels the Pope not to obey the request of the Mother of God to consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, represses the "disobedient" Father Gruner.

Speaking of the Jesuits, Neumayr writes that "Had St. Ignatius known his order would go from fighting for the Church to fighting the Church - from the Pope's marines to moral midgets - he would never have started it. One wonders how long the Vatican will permit this insult on his memory to persist."

How long? For as long as the men who now control the Vatican continue to spurn the requests of the Mother of God at Fatima.