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Sister Jeannine Just Won't Shut Up

by Christopher A. Ferrara

For more than 22 years Sister Jeannine Gramick and her sidekick, Father Nugent, went all over the world challenging the Church’s teaching that the homosexual condition is intrinsically disordered. After two decades of undermining the Catholic faith, Gramick and Nugent were finally given the mild censure of an order forbidding them to present their heterodox views in public. No retraction, no apology, and certainly nothing approaching the absurd threat of excommunication which now hangs over the head of Father Nicholas Gruner — a priest of unimpeachable orthodoxy.

The double-standard rolls on. Heretics are coddled, while the public defenders of Catholic tradition take it in the neck. As Cardinal Ratzinger admitted in his 1988 address to the bishops of Chile:

It is intolerable to criticize decisions which have been taken since the Council; on the other hand, if men make question of ancient rules, or even of the great truths of the Faith — for instance, the corporal virginity of Mary, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, the immortality of the soul, etc. — nobody complains or only does so with the greatest moderation.

Well, it seems that Sister Jeannine just won’t shut up. reports (May 2, 2001) that she “has refused to obey” the Vatican’s order to stop promoting her heterodox teaching on homosexuality, and that she continues to travel “throughout the US to lecture about gay rights and her dispute with the Church's teachings.” As the feisty little dissenter put it: “I chose not to cooperate in my own oppression.”

So, the lovely Sister Jeannine will be appearing at “PrideFest America,” a “gay rights” conference in Philadelphia, where she will receive the annual Tom Stoddard National Role Model Award, which is reserved to those who have “fought for civil rights for homosexuals.”

And what will happen to Sister Jeannine and her big mouth? An easy prediction: nothing. The Vatican would never dare excommunicate a militant feminist nun who opposes Catholic teaching and disobeys an order of the Vatican. Meanwhile, Father Gruner, who has enrolled about half a million souls in the Brown Scapular and distributed some one million Miraculous Medals, is threatened with the first Vatican-imposed direct sentence of excommunication of any priest or nun in living memory.

You see, undermining Catholic doctrine is one thing. The Vatican observes that happening every day, all over the world, and does next to nothing about it. But questioning the Vatican bureaucracy’s advice to the Pope not to mention Russia in the consecration of Russia — well, that is simply intolerable.

What a joke.