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Vatican Silent as Heretics Meet in Rome

"Double Standard" Update

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As noted in previous columns, the Vatican has twice issued notices to the world (September 12 and September 18, 2001) that no one should attend a conference on world peace and the Message of Fatima to be held in Rome by Father Nicholas Gruner’s apostolate from October 7-13, 2001. The ever-vigilant Congregation for the Clergy wants the world to know that this conference does not “enjoy approval of ecclesiastical authority.” Of course, no such approval is required under Church law, but the Vatican bureaucracy isn’t about to disclose the whole truth.

Meanwhile, another conference is to be held in Rome around the same time. This conference is being staged by something called the Synod of the People of God. From October 4-7, the Synod of the People of God will be conducting what it calls a “shadow synod” during the Tenth Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops, which will be going on in Rome during that same week.

The website of this organization reveals that the Synod of the People of God is a front for a worldwide panoply of organizations which dissent from the infallible teaching of the Church on faith and morals. The “Synod” includes the We Are Church Movement and Catholics for A Free Choice, which agitates in favor of abortion and for the expulsion of the Vatican from the United Nations.

It should not surprise anyone who has followed the insane persecution of Father Gruner by the Vatican bureaucracy that the same bureaucracy has uttered not one public word about the “shadow synod” or the nest of heretics which is staging it. There have been no announcements by the Vatican Press Office to the effect that the gathering “does not enjoy the approval of ecclesiastical authority.”

Proving once again that in the ecclesial crisis which now afflicts us, neither heresy nor scandal produces much in the way of public action from the Vatican bureaucrats who have presided over the past 40 years of ecclesial scandal and deconstruction. What does excite their immediate action, however, is a small gathering of faithful Catholics and celibate and orthodox clergy to discuss the Message of Fatima and its relation to the increasingly alarming state of world affairs.

Incredibly enough, the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has become the one verboten subject in the Church today. That should give even Father Gruner’s detractors something to think about.

May God spare us.