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Vatican Celebrates End of Ramadan

by Christopher A. Ferrara

While the consecration and conversion of Russia are being buried by the Vatican apparatus, its dogged pursuit of "inter-religious dialogue" continues with Cardinal Arinze’s "Message for the End of Ramadan," issued December 13, 2001. The theme of the message is the promotion of "human values." (Zenit December 13, 2001)

Cardinal Arinze informs his "Muslim friends" that his message is "a sign of esteem and friendship on the part of the Catholic Church." The Cardinal declares that "I share the joy you must feel at having completed the fast and come to the celebration of ´Id al-Fitr." Why does a Vatican cardinal experience "joy" over the end of a Muslim observance invented by a man who anointed himself as God’s prophet, who denied the divinity of Christ, and whose "Koran" teaches that the Holy Trinity is blasphemy? Does the Cardinal also experience "joy" during "Diwali," the Hindu festival which celebrates the great victory of the Lord Rama, who destroyed Ravana - two imaginary gods invented by men?

How much "joy" does Cardinal Arinze think the Muslims, the Hindus and the members of all the other religions experience at the end of Lent? What kind of message is the cardinal sending to Catholics all over the world with his endless stream of announcements about how much he esteems and values false religions?

The Cardinal’s message goes on to praise the Muslims for "fulfilling a specific religious duty in order to come closer to the Most High…" The Most High? What happened to the Holy Trinity? Apparently, for Cardinal Arinze belief in the Trinity is not necessary for true theological faith, for he adds: "The faithful adorers of the One God are called to be in the world the artisans of a civilization founded on the perennial values of peace and justice, of unity and love, of dialogue and freedom, of cooperation and fraternity, between persons and among peoples. May expressions of solidarity and fraternity among believers and all people of good will lead society along new paths, in full respect for human values and in the promotion of these values."

So, Catholics and Muslims are both "faithful adorers of the One God." It would seem that for the Cardinal the truth about God’s nature, His revelation to us, does not appear to matter for salvation any longer, and may be rejected by the Muslims with complete safety to their immortal souls. What else can one conclude from the Cardinal’s announcements of this type, which suggest that the most important thing in the Church’s relations with Muslims is not to convert them to Christ - an activity the Vatican apparatus now seems to regard as unthinkable - but to pursue jointly with Islam the promotion of the "human values" of "peace and justice," "unity and love," "dialogue and freedom," "cooperation and fraternity." That none of these "human values" can be achieved in any lasting manner without Christian civilization, without that indwelling of the Holy Trinity in a man’s soul which occurs when one is in the state of sanctifying grace, seems to be the farthest thing from the Cardinal’s mind.

Let us be honest: This is not the faith of our fathers. Nor is it the faith Our Lady of Fatima proclaimed when She prophesied the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart to the greater glory of Her divine Son.