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Great Religions?

by Christopher A. Ferrara

It is fashionable in these days of post-conciliar correctness to speak of "the great religions" of the world as if they were in some sense acceptable to God. The Vatican apparatus itself has repeatedly staged days of "prayer for peace" in Assisi with "representatives" of these "great religions."

Sad to say, the Pope commends these unprecedented pan-religious spectacles even though they would have been viewed with utter horror by any of his pre-conciliar predecessors. Can anyone seriously imagine Pope Saint Pius X, for example, presiding over a pan-religious gathering in which, among others, a witchdoctor was allowed to deliver a "sermon" on the need to propitiate "local spirits" with animal sacrifices in order to obtain world peace? Don’t take my word for it: the witchdoctor’s advice is printed for the world to read at pp. 50-52 of the Vatican’s official booklet for Assisi 2002.

One of the "great religions" invited to participate in Assisi 2002 was Hinduism. Two recent news items on Hinduism remind us of why Saint Paul taught that the gods of the pagans are devils.

Item: The Press Trust of India (June 20, 2002) reports that "The drought-plagued residents of a small village in southern India organized a ceremonial wedding for two donkeys to appease the Hindu god of rain … Dressed up like a bride and groom, the donkeys were escorted to a temple in the village of Sakkayanayakanur in Tamil Nadu. There, a local priest chanted prayers and led the donkeys in a ritual ceremony to propitiate the rain god, Varuna. The beasts were then led in a procession that ended with a wedding feast - for the donkeys and local villagers. The donkey wedding was the second to be held in the small Indian village …"

Item: On June 18, 2002 the news agency Ananonova.com reported on how "holy rats" are allowed to flourish in a Hindu temple in Deshnoke, Rajasthan, because the local Hindus believe they contain reincarnated souls of dead worshippers. I will let the photograph speak for itself -


The marriage of donkeys, and children sharing their milk with a swarm of "holy" rats. The enslaved practitioners of this demon religion need conversion to Catholicism, not invitations to Assisi. Indeed, on his pilgrimages to India, Father Nicholas Gruner has distributed tens of thousands of scapulars for the conversion of these people, who came in vast throngs to see the Pilgrim Virgin statue. This is the apostolate that Cardinal Sodano and his henchman have been trying to destroy.

That even the Vatican can praise as a "great religion" the kind of human degradation and crippling superstition we see in Hinduism is a sign of the worst crisis in the history of the Catholic Church. Our Lord came not to praise "great religions" like Hinduism, but to deliver their adherents from darkness, as Pius XI declared in his consecration of the world to the Sacred Heart in 1925.

May the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima soon bring an end to this insanity through the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.