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"Great Religions" Update

Buddhism is Booming - in France!

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the Vatican hails "the world’s great religions" and invites their "representatives" to the Vatican and Assisi to "pray for peace," the Catholic Faith continues to ebb everywhere in former Christendom.

As UPI has recently reported (October 29, 2001), Buddhism is booming in France. The UPI story begins with a Buddhist service conducted at a Buddhist center in Dordogne France by one Gyalwa Karmapa, who is "considered the 17th reincarnation of the spiritual leader of the Karma Kagyu lineage - one of four Tibetan schools of Buddhism." The seventeenth reincarnation! But how do they know it is the 17th and not the 18th or 15th? Is there a record of reincarnations in Buddhist temples - a kind of multiple-entry birth certificate?

UPI notes that "year-round, hundreds of French and foreign visitors enroll for professional retreats and individual study and meditation sessions offered at the sprawling Buddhist center in the Dordogne." According to UPI, "the surging attendance at the Dordogne center and other Buddhist establishments testifies to the religion's stunning growth in France, and elsewhere in Europe. As in the United States, Buddhism is ranked among the fastest growing religions in many Western European countries. In France, Buddhism is considered the fourth largest faith - after Christianity, Islam and Judaism - with an estimated 600,000 practitioners."

In fact, there is located in France "the biggest Buddhist meditation center in the West" in the region of Touraine. UPI also notes that "two Tibetan monasteries in France's Auvergne region have trained the largest number of Buddhist monks outside Asia. The monasteries are headed by the same Karma Kagyu administrators directing the Dordogne center." What is more, according to UPI several Buddhist monasteries "including the Karma Kagyu's in Auvergne, are accorded the same tax-free exemptions as the Roman Catholic Church."

Why is Buddhism booming in France? Quite simply, because Europe is being de-Christianized as even the Vatican endorses the notion of religious pluralism instead of the Social Kingship of Christ. Quoting a French philosopher, the UPI story observes that "In this time of de-Christianization, Buddhism has furnished to the West a rich and interesting alternative."

But why should anyone be surprised at the rise of Buddhism in once-Catholic France? Why would any Catholic feel any compunction about abandoning the true religion for a superstitious sect, when even the Vatican calls it "a great religion" and sends the message, over and over again, that the prayer of Buddhists is pleasing to God and even necessary to engender world peace?

At the World Days of "Prayer for Peace" at Assisi, there has been no recitation of the Rosary nor any mention of Our Lady at all - lest the "representatives" of the "great religions" be offended. But the prayers of Buddhists and even witchdoctors are solicited for the cause of peace, and during Assisi 2002 the practitioners of false religions were given rooms in the very convent of Saint Francis to engage in their superstitious rituals. Catholicism retreats, while the false religions of the world advance - at the Vatican’s own invitation. This, dear reader, is the very crisis in the Church foretold by the Virgin of Fatima. Pray that it ends soon for the good of all humanity. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.