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"Ecumenical Follies" Update

Another Useless Ecumenical Meeting

by Christopher A. Ferrara

A report by on a recent meeting between the Pope and Bishop Wolfgang Huber, president of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, is yet another demonstration (as if one were needed) of the utter futility of the "ecumenical venture" that has sidetracked the Church’s evangelical mission since the Second Vatican Council.

Zenit reports (August 26, 2004) that Huber "concluded a three-day visit to the Vatican on Wednesday with a positive assessment." And what was so positive about it? Well, Huber says, for one thing, his meeting with the Pope "impressed me a lot." Well, what does that mean? Does it mean that Huber was overcome by the knowledge that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and that he ought to submit to Christ’s vicar and enter the one true Church?

Well hardly! Rather, says Huber, his meeting was "an important element in the evolution of ecumenical relations, though the conversation did not have the objective of resolving problems of an ecumenical character ..." In other words, Huber had an "important" meeting that didn't accomplish anything. As we know, important meetings that accomplish nothing are the very essence of "ecumenism."

But, as Huber was delighted to mention, "Not only did the Pope give me his words [which accomplished nothing], he gave me a real gift: a pectoral cross, made for the 25th anniversary of his pontificate. This has impressed me profoundly." Now, the pectoral cross is the very symbol of episcopal authority in Catholic Church, and this one was made for the Pope himself, the highest of the bishops. Was the Pope, then, sending Huber the message that Huber is a validly consecrated bishop in Apostolic succession, despite the fact that Huber, like all Protestant ministers, is a mere layman who was never validly ordained a priest? Who knows what the Pope intended by this gesture. But, as with so many of his "ecumenical" novelties, the result can only be the wrong impression, and further confusion over the difference between the one true Church and the false churches established by mere men in a rebellion against divine authority.

Huber added that "I carry in my heart the Pope’s open and attentive eyes. I will never forget them." How nice. So, then, Huber had a very important meeting with the Pope at which nothing in particular was accomplished, the Pope gave him a pectoral cross, which means nothing since Huber is not really a bishop, and Huber will never forget the Pope’s "open and attentive eyes."

So what? Huber is still a Protestant, and the federation of Protestant churches he represents still rejects the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church on innumerable matters involving the salvation of souls. After nearly forty years of this nonsense, the Protestants are not only no closer to the truth than they were before "ecumenical dialogue" began, but they are actually much further removed from it, having accepted over the past forty years moral and doctrinal errors even Martin Luther would view as abominable.

And who is to blame for this abominable state of affairs? Not only the false shepherds of Protestantism, but also the blind guides within the Catholic Church who, for the sake of "ecumenism," have only confirmed the lost sheep in their errors. God's judgment of this folly will be a terrible thing indeed.