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"Ecumenical Follies" Update

Kasper the Termite Opposes
Mass Return of Anglicans to the Church

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In a recent undated report by The Catholic Herald, we learn that Cardinal Kasper, the modernist termite who still holds the position of president of the Pontifical Council for “Christian Unity,” is opposed to the idea “that a breakaway group of Anglicans might be received into the Catholic Church en masse,” and that he opposes it “despite Benedict XVI’s personal support for such a move.”

The “breakaway group” is composed of 60 Anglican parishes and apparently 60 Anglican bishops who have had it with the lunacy abounding in the “Anglican Communion” — documented abundantly in this column — including the ordination of women and homosexuals. Fed up, they have decided to seek communion with Rome. All told, this group of disaffected Anglicans is said to comprise some 400,000 people.

Kasper told The Catholic Herald, “It’s not our policy to bring that many Anglicans to Rome.” Not “our policy”? And what “policy” is that? I will tell you: it is the same policy — “ecumenism” — whose destructive impact on the Church’s mission this column has been remarking for years. The policy of “ecumenism,” as administered by the likes of Kasper, is essentially this: Do not convert to Roman Catholicism; do not return to Rome.

As The Catholic Herald notes, however, the Anglicans seeking communion with Rome want nothing to do with Kasper the Termite and his worse-than-useless pontifical council. The Anglican bishops involved “sent a letter to Rome last month requesting ‘full, corporate and sacramental union’…But the bishops did not send their letter to Cardinal Kasper. Instead they addressed it to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), where, it is understood, they expected a warmer reception.” That is, they expected to find at the CDF someone who actually believes that Protestants should become Catholics — a process which, of course, is contrary to Kasper’s “policy.” Indeed, Kasper’s “policy” is contrary to the divine commission that the Church is to make disciples of all nations. Kasper’s “policy” is, in short, contrary to God’s policy.

Nevertheless, “Vatican insiders say that Benedict XVI is scrutinizing the matter very closely and believes that the TAC [Traditional Anglican Communion] is setting out a path that other Anglicans will follow. One source said the Pope even gave his blessing to the TAC’s plenary assembly in October, when 60 bishops agreed to seek full communion with Rome. Each bishop reportedly signed a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the church altar.”

These developments are clearly alarming to Kasper the Termite. As Kasper told The Catholic Herald, “We are on good terms with the Archbishop of Canterbury and as much as we can we are helping him to keep the Anglican community together.” So, you see, Kasper’s “policy” — that is, ecumenism — is all about promoting disunity among Christians, not unity. Kasper is actually laboring to keep the “Anglican Communion” alive, so that he can continue his endless and useless “ecumenical dialogue” with it.

Quite simply, Cardinal Kasper is an enemy of the Faith. Yet there he sits in his high office in the Vatican, doing whatever he can to prevent 400,000 souls from returning to Holy Mother Church. Kasper has to go. One can only hope and pray that the Pope will have the courage to remove this termite from his position before he does any further damage to the Church and the cause of the Gospel.