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Cardinal Arinze Continues to Push Interreligious Dialogue with Muslims

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Despite all evidence that Islam remains, just as it always was, an enemy of Christ and His Holy Church, the Vatican’s Cardinal Francis Arinze, who heads the Pontifical Council for "Interreligious Dialogue," continues to beat the drum for "dialogue" with the Muslims.

In a speech entitled "Christian-Muslim Collaboration in the Promotion of Justice and Peace," Arinze opined that "Christians and Muslims account for more than half the world´s population and, consequently, should be able to greatly promote justice and peace." Yes, we can see the great historic legacy of Islam in the promotion of justice and peace!

According to Arinze, "religion has an indispensable role to contribute in the promotion of justice and peace between peoples." Yes, but which religion? All religions, or the one true religion founded by Our Lord on the Rock of Peter? The Cardinal made no distinction whatever.

The Cardinal is certainly old enough to remember the teaching of the Church before Vatican II concerning Islam. That teaching is summed up in the Act of Consecration of the World to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, promulgated by Pope Pius XI only 37 years before the Council. In that Act of Consecration the Church is commanded to pray as follows: "Be Thou King of those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry and Islam, and refuse not to draw them into the light and kingdom of God." The same Pope also taught repeatedly (along with all his predecessors) that the only peace worthy of the name is the peace of Christ in a Christian civilization, and that all men and all nations, including Islamic nations, are subject to the Kingship of Christ.

Now, which is it? Is Islam is a form of darkness from which souls must be rescued or is it, as the Cardinal claims, "indispensable" in the promotion of world peace? Which do we follow? The teaching of Pope Pius XI and his predecessors, or this new thing called "interreligious dialogue," which has produced no converts to the true religion but only a clear path for the new rise of Islam in the very heart of once-Catholic Europe?

In his apostolic letter on the pan-religious Sillonist movement in France, Saint Pius X condemned the very notion of a society based on a brotherhood of all religions precisely because it would leave the one true Church vulnerable to attack and undermine the very foundation of any truly just civilization, which is the Kingship of Christ. How right this great Pope was. And how wrong is the obstinate pursuit of the delusion that "interreligious dialogue" can bring peace with those who reject Christ and His Gospel.