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China and bin Laden: Perfect Together

by Christopher A. Ferrara

While Cardinal Sodano and his Vatican apparatus look for a way to sell out Taiwan in exchange for the "privilege" of diplomatic relations with the diabolical Red Chinese regime, news reports indicate a direct link between China and the Taliban.

As reported in World Net Daily on October 22, 2001 (citing the Debka Intelligence Files), "military sources in Dushanbe and Bishbek, capitals of Tajikistan and Kyrgizstan respectively, report at least 15 Chinese fighting men on the side of the Taliban, were killed in last week's U.S. bombing over Kahandar and in a separate incident on the ground." World Net Daily notes that according to DEBKA "this report was confirmed by Pakistani sources in Peshawar, who discovered the Chinese presence alongside the Taliban from their own intelligence reports . . ."

The details of the report by DEBKA appear to be irrefutable. According to the report, Taliban leader "Al Masri appears to have been caught by an American bombardment, just as he was leaving Kahandar for Jalalabad after meeting Taliban leaders. Those leaders warned him as he left that U.S. Special Forces units were operating in the southern and western outskirts of the town. Because they thought the size of his bodyguard insufficient, they offered a detail of their own men to see him safely past the danger zone. Among that armed escort were five Chinese fighters. A Special Forces unit waylaid the group and detonated explosive charges, one of which hit Abu Basir's vehicle and a second the escort vehicles. Most of the escort was killed, including three of the Chinese guards."

And that is not all. According to DEBKA, relations between China and bin Laden go back several years. The British daily, Guardian, carried a report that "three years ago, China paid bin Laden several million dollars for unexploded American cruise missiles left over from the U.S. attack on his bases." The article quotes a "senior al-Qaida agent in Europe, whose account is contained in the transcript of a secretly taped conversation between two bin Laden adherents." These two associates of bin Laden reportedly confirmed bin Laden's close ties with China and described how the huge sums the Chinese paid for the unexploded U.S. missiles helped him finance his next three years of al-Qaida operations."

This is the regime the Vatican apparatus is falling all over itself to please with papal apologies and "technical solutions" to the problem of the Church avoiding any "interference" in China's "internal affairs." This is the regime which signed a friendship and military alliance with Putin's Russia only weeks ago, based upon the two nations' shared foreign policy goals, including of "a new world order" to offset American dominance. And, as we can see very clearly already, 9/11 is serving as the pretext for the advance of that New World Order through expansion of United Nations authority, Russia's reentry into Afghanistan as our "ally," and measures here at home which threaten to turn America into a quasi-police state.

Has anyone noticed that all things now seem to be tending toward that one-world regime of godless authoritarianism which will herald the arrival of anti-Christ? Now more than ever the world needs the Message of Fatima. Yet, in what has to be one of history's greatest outrages, it is not any external enemy of the Church, but Vatican bureaucrats who are trying to bury the path to safety marked out by Heaven itself at Fatima, only weeks before the Bolshevik revolution put the world on its present course to ruin.