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Communism is Dead?
Ask the Cubans.

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Vladimir Putin, that “democrat” who rules Russia, recently paid a visit to Cuba and congratulated the “agrarian reformer”, Fidel Castro, on the “birthday” of the Communist revolution in Cuba. While Putin was getting a nice winter tan in that favorite vacation spot of “ex-communists,” the Cuban people continued to suffer under the yoke of communism.

Not in the least affected by the papal visit to Cuba in 1998 (beyond allowing an outdoor religious event or two), the Cuban regime continues to repress the Church at every turn. CWN news service recently reported that Cuban health authorities have taken steps to prevent Cubans from receiving free medicine from Catholic charities in Cuba. As reported by CWN: “Any doctor that issues a prescription for the Catholic Church will be severely punished,” said municipal health director Gilberto Ramos in a recent assembly with health workers.” Better the inhabitants of the worker’s paradise die than receive aid from the Church, that great oppressor of the masses.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Jaime Ortega of Havana complains that “despite promised reforms to the Cuban Communist government's treatment of religion, a transition to a more open environment was proceeding slowly.” When the Cuban government threatens to punish doctors who cooperate with the Catholic Church in providing free medicine to the sick, I would say that “slowly” is putting it mildly.

The Fatima revisionists are constantly telling us about all the “miracles” which have occurred since the “consecration of Russia” in 1984. We were told that “miracles” could be expected after the Pope’s visit to Cuba. But these “miracles” are all in the category of the Emperor’s new clothes — no one can see them, but the crowd dearly wants to pretend they are there. This reminds me of a classic Stalin-era joke: A Party official from Moscow arrives at a local communal farm and demands an accounting of the potato harvest. “The potatoes are piled as high as the eye of God, comrade!” declares the farm manager. “Now, now, comrade, you know very well there is no God,” replies the Party official. “Yes,” says the manager, “and there are no potatoes either!”

The faster the world descends in its downward spiral toward utter barbarism, the more we hear about “miracles” and “the new springtime of humanity” from the neo-Catholic establishment. But there will be no miracles nor any springtime until the conversion of Russia. When that miracle happens there will be no need for foolish optimism, for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be at hand.