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Book Says China Behind 9-11

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On Saturday, December 15, WorldNetDaily.com reported the publication of a new book by Gordon Thomas, entitled Seeds of Fire. Thomas’ thesis is that "Beijing is positioning itself to become America's ‘new major enemy’" and that China used bin Laden as a surrogate to demonstrate that America can be defeated.

WorldNet notes some of the evidence presented in Seeds of Fire. According to Thomas, "on Sept. 11, a transport plane from Beijing landed in Kabul. A Chinese delegation had gone to Afghanistan to sign a deal with the Taliban - reportedly brokered by Osama bin Laden - to provide the Afghans with missile-tracking technology, state-of-the-art communications and air-defense systems. In return, says Thomas, the Taliban would order Muslim separatists in northwest China to stop their activities."

In fact, the Washington Post has also confirmed that Beijing had "signed a deal with the Taliban to provide Afghanistan ‘with much needed infrastructure and economic development assistance.’"

Due to the fall of the Taliban after 9-11, says Thomas, China never delivered the promised military hardware. But the delegation that went to Kabul on 9-11, the very day of the terrorist attack, included "senior officers of the People's Liberation Army and the Bureau of State Security, as well as managers from two of China's leading defense contractors." No sooner had the Red Chinese delegation landed in Kabul than (according to Thomas) "CIA Director George Tenet received a coded ‘red alert’ message from Israeli Mossad agents that presented a ‘worst case scenario’ - that China would use a surrogate, bin Laden, to attack the United States."

Further, according to Thomas, Pakistan’s chief intelligence officer met with Tenet on September 11 and briefed him on "the links between bin Laden and China," advising Tenet that "China had made a decisive decision [and] was prepared to infuriate America and its allies in supporting bin Laden and the Taliban because Afghanistan fitted into China's own long-term strategic plans." Since 9-11, of course, China has offered no assistance in the campaign against bin Laden. Quite the contrary, notes Thomas, in China there were "happy parties in the streets of Beijing" after the Twin Towers collapsed, and "They're selling videos there with commentary saying, ‘America had it coming.’"

Thomas believes that President Bush’s decision to pull out of the ABM treaty "will cause Russia and China to strengthen their ties - to the detriment of the United States." But we needn’t worry about that. After all, Russia has been "consecrated" to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and is even now undergoing a "conversion." So the useful idiots of Fatima revisionism continue to insist - as the forces of evil in Russia and China coil together in the darkness, preparing a final assault on what remains of our civilization.