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"Fall of Communism" Update:

China Begins Rounding Up Internet Critics

by Christopher A. Ferrara

This column inaugurates a new feature to go along with the regular “conversion of Russia” updates. As we know, the Fatima revisionists promote not only the fiction of Russia’s conversion but also the “fall of communism.” Somehow they overlook the continued enslavement of a billion Chinese by a communist dictatorship which forces women to have abortions–which is not to mention the continued domination of Russia itself by “ex-communists” who have done little more than change the name they call themselves.

On April 25, 2001, the Associated Press reported that “authorities have detained two men for posting articles on the Internet promoting political reform in China, a Hong Kong-based human rights group said Thursday.” One of the unfortunate two had posted articles on the Internet which promoted democracy and provided evidence of human rights abuses by the Red Chinese regime. The AP notes that “in a separate case, authorities secretly tried an economist April 3 in the northern city of Cangzhou for posting articles and writing editorials for foreign news websites.”

These are not isolated cases. According to the AP, “government experts monitor the Internet and block sites deemed subversive. Internet service providers are warned they will be held responsible for any anti-government content.” So much for the “flowering of democracy” in still-very-Red China. But then conditions are not dramatically better in Russia, where Vladimir Putin is finishing up the details on seizure of independent television stations and newspapers.

We have been hearing about the “death” and the “fall” of communism ever since Vladimir Lenin usurped the Kerensky government and imposed communist dictatorship for the first time in “that poor nation” back in 1917. The useful idiots of the West have been duped by “thaws” and “openings” and détentes for the past 84 years, glasnost and perestroika being only the latest names for a very old shell game. But underneath the packaging, how much different is the regime of Vladimir Putin from that of Vladimir Lenin? Oh yes, there are these differences: In Leninist Russia there were never 3.5 million abortions a year, and there were also far more Catholics, Catholic priests and Catholic parishes in Lenin’s Russia than in Putin’s.

Every time communism “dies” it seems to rise from the coffin in the middle of the funeral service, in better condition than before it “died.” The errors of Russia, it seems, will not just vanish one day–not until we do what Heaven prescribed for the pandemic known as communism. So, when the Fatima revisionists speak of “the fall of communism” in 2001, think of those Internet dissidents who were just whisked off to jail. And think of the “underground” Catholic bishop and priests arrested in China only this week. Will they ever be seen again?

Stay tuned as we monitor the “conversion of Russia” and “the fall of communism” here at fatima.org. Here we are not averse to reporting on a subject much neglected in Fatima revisionist circles: the subject of reality.