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Cardinal Parolin Sells Out to Beijing

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 29, 2016

For too long now, the Vatican Secretary of State, elevated to unprecedented prominence by the post-Vatican II reforms masterminded by Cardinal Villot, has endangered the integrity of the Faith in order to serve the worldly dictates of Vatican diplomacy. So it has been with the Message of Fatima and the Third Secret in particular, which none other than the Vatican Secretary of State (Cardinal Sodano and his successor Cardinal Bertone) has reduced to a generic prescription for prayer and penance, excising the Consecration of Russia and reducing the Secret to a mere depiction of 20th century events.

And so it is with the fate of the Catholics of the underground Church in China, who refuse to pledge allegiance to the “Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA),” the pseudo-Church erected by the Red Chinese regime in Beijing as the “official” Catholic Church back in the 1950’s in order to impose government control over selection and consecration of Chinese bishops, thus creating a blatantly schismatic Chinese hierarchy.

Now we hear from the current Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, that there is really no difference between the underground bishops and faithful, who refuse to join the schismatic CPA and suffer relentless persecution on that account, and the adherents of the CPA, both clergy and laity, who obey men rather than God by worshipping in accordance with the dictates of a communist and atheist regime that forces women to abort their own children.

As Cardinal Parolin declared in a recent interview with Avvenire, the newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference:“The claim that there are two different Churches in China does not correspond to historical reality or to the life of faith of Chinese Catholics. There are in fact two communities that are both eager to live in full communion with the Successor of Peter. Each of these carries with it the historical baggage of moments of great testimony and suffering, which tells us something about the complexity and contradictions that exist within this vast country.”

Absolute rubbish, and a total betrayal of the Chinese Catholics of the underground. First of all, the faithful Catholics who refuse to submit to the CPA are not “eager to live in full communion with the Successor of Peter” but rather are in full communion with him and always have been since the moment they refused submission to Beijing and obeyed God rather than men.

Second, the CPA is not “a community… eager to live in full communion with the Successor of Peter” but rather the evil creation of communist dictators that has breached the Mystical Body of Christ with a hideous human invention pretending to be the “official Church.”

Third, there is no moral equivalence between the underground Church in union with the Rome and the evil, schismatic CPA. It is nothing short of monstrous to suggest that these “two communities” should be “reconciled, embracing one another…” China’s faithful persecuted Catholics can never “embrace” an organization that pledges allegiance to a communist dictatorship.

There is only one “solution” to the situation in China: the CPA must be abolished and all Chinese Catholics must be allowed to worship openly in union with Rome and without government interference.

But now the rumors abound, and Sandro Magister confirms, that Rome is about to agree to allow the Chinese communist regime in Beijing to select bishops for Vatican approval — a grotesque return to the evil of Caesaropapism, according to which the civil sovereign is head of the Church in his realm and can designate bishops. But, infinitely, worse, the civil sovereign in this case would not be a Catholic king but a communist dictator.

With each passing day the crisis the Church has endured for half a century accelerates toward what can only be a disastrous conclusion. The Third Secret of Fatima unfolds before our eyes as the blind guides of the upper hierarchy rush headlong into a ditch. We cannot follow them. We can only pray for Heaven’s ultimate intervention and the end of this crisis with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary — following, at long last, the Consecration of Russia, which, as we can see, remains at the heart of potentially explosive world events.