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Father Murray's Takedown of a “Gay Church” Icon

by Christopher A. Ferrara
July 11, 2017

Father Gerald E. Murray —

— is a two-fisted defender of the Faith with an Ivy League pedigree (Dartmouth College) and a doctorate in canon law. He is a major asset to EWTN in its increasingly important "mainstream" commentary on what I call the Bergoglian tumult. He is the ecclesial opposite of this character —

— Father James Martin, a media darling on account of his revolting promotion of the "gay priesthood" and its imaginary right to "come out" precisely as the "gay priesthood," as well as his support of "gay marriage."

A telling indication of the parlous state of the Church under Pope Bergoglio is that Martin has not only suffered no consequences for his work of subversion but has been made a consultant to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications. Evidently, Martin's relentless "pro-gay" campaign sits well with a Vatican apparatus that now involves, as Edward Pentin reported for EWTN's National Catholic Register, a homosexual orgy in a luxury apartment located in the same building as is the very headquarters of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that Pope Bergoglio is in the process of taking out of commission.

Father Murray makes short work of Martin's abominable book — lauded by the media — on "How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion and Sensitivity."

First of all, notes Father Murray, there is no "LGBT Community." There is, rather, a "lumping together of those who reject the natural order of human sexuality in different ways, and who thus share a common interest in seeing that laws and societal norms and customs that support that natural order be proscribed."

With the bracing clarity that characterizes his commentary in general, Father Murray cuts to the heart of the evil of Martin's book:

"The point of this book is not to suggest ways in which the Church, in fidelity to the teaching of Christ, can improve her outreach to those persons who feel attracted to commit the sin of sodomy in the hope that they will reject this wrongful tendency and embrace chastity…. The real purpose of this book is to advocate for a relaxation of the Church's teaching that sodomy is gravely immoral and that any attraction to commit acts of sodomy is an objective disorder in one's personality."

The sin of sodomy! How many clerics these days are willing to call this sin what it is? Only a courageous few who refuse, like Father Murray, to cower before the tyranny of political correctness.

As Father Murray further notes, confirming what I have also contended, Martin simply "rejects the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that the 'inclination' to "homosexual tendencies' is 'objectively disordered''' and prefers that people inclined to commit sodomy be called "differently ordered." But, Father Murray warns, if that terminological trickery were to succeed, it would signal that the inclination to commit sodomy "is simply different, and not disordered" and "[h]omosexual activity would simply be natural behavior for 'differently ordered' people."

Indeed, Murray observes, "The thesis of this book is that lesbians, gays, bisexual persons and transsexual/transgendered persons have been made to be such by God, and thus they should gladly live and express their God-given, differently ordered sexuality in a differently ordered way. The truth is very different."

In his usual forthright manner, Father Murray concludes with the simple truth: "Inclinations or tendencies toward sexual acts that are neither procreative or unitive, and thus inherently immoral, do not represent who we are or how we were made by God. They are deficits, ultimately traceable to original sin, which need to be dealt with by God's grace and our willingness to believe firmly that God's law is good and will produce the greatest happiness in our lives."

Priests like Father Gerald Murray represent the hope for restoration in the Church. Priests like Father Martin represent an accelerating decadence that makes clearer by the day that this restoration cannot be long in coming, and that it will come with a divine intervention of the most dramatic sort.