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Another Friend of Francis Mired in Corruption

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 28, 2017

After the secular press leaked to the Catholic world hidden evidence of the massive scandal in the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, presided over by the “Vice-Pope” Cardinal Maradiaga of Honduras, Pope Francis rushed to defend his friend, telling him “do not you worry.” [sic] It is already clear that Maradiaga will be protected despite the testimony of 50 witnesses regarding the endemic corruption in the Archdiocese - of which Maradiaga could not have been unaware - including monthly payments to him of some $40,000 for years from the Catholic University of Honduras.

And now it seems another friend of Francis is being protected from the scandal that engulfs him.  As Sandro Magister reports, the Argentine Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta, made Bishop of Orán, Argentina by Francis in 2013, has just been appointed “assessor of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA)” — a position that “did not exist and was invented for the occasion.”

The creation of this Vatican sinecure follows Zanchetta’s mysterious sudden abandonment of his diocese based on “an unspecified ‘health problem’ for which, he said, he had to get urgent treatment elsewhere.” Following his abrupt departure from the diocese, Zanchetta moved — or perhaps more accurately fled — to “Corrientes, 500 miles away, only to turn up even farther away, in Madrid, apparently in good physical shape.” Francis has since accepted his resignation as bishop, following which the new Vatican position was invented for him.

Magister recounts how Zanchetta had left his diocese in a “disastrous state … on a par with what had happened in the diocese of which he was previously vicar, that of Quilmes.”  Yet, as Magister observes, “This is the man to whom Francis has entrusted such an important role in the curia, in close contact with the president of APSA, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, who meets regularly with the pope and is a tenacious opponent of the drastic reorganization of the Vatican finances attempted without success by Cardinal George Pell, prefect of the secretariat for the economy.”

Almost every day, it seems, we receive further confirmation of the thesis of Marcantonio Colonna’s The Dictator Pope: that “The Great Reformer” has reformed nothing but rather has presided over a worsening of Vatican corruption as he governs in the manner of a “Peronist party boss,” rewarding and protecting his friends while exacting revenge against his perceived enemies. And this entire dictatorial regime, as the prominent Vaticanist Marco Tosatti has observed, involves a “level of control over emails, landlines and even on some categories of mobile phones in the Vatican [that] is reaching levels ‘that would be envied even by North Korea’…”

Oddly enough, in his annual denunciation of the Roman Curia at Christmas, Pope Francis derided the “unbalanced and degenerate logic of conspiracies or of the small circles that in reality represent — notwithstanding all their justifications and good intentions — a cancer that leads to self-referentiality, that infiltrates itself into the ecclesiastical organisms as such, and in particular into the persons that work there.” Such people, he declared, “have been carefully chosen to give greater vigor to the [ecclesial] body and to the reform but, not understanding the high levels of their responsibilities, allow themselves to be corrupted by ambition or vain glory, and when they are delicately removed [from those positions] they erroneously declare themselves to be martyrs of the system, of ‘the pope who is not informed,’ of ‘the old guard,’ instead of reciting the mea culpa [‘through my fault’].”

Yet the only people Pope Francis has “delicately removed” are the defenders of Catholic orthodoxy, not those who “allow themselves to be corrupted by ambition or vain glory…” Those removed include Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Muller and three key member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as well as the entire membership of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Pontifical Academy for Life.  And none of the victims of these purges have declared themselves to be martyrs.  Is this some sort of paranoid fantasy?

A pontificate like no other before it may well be unraveling.  Here too we encounter something that must have been alluded to in the integral Third Secret of Fatima.