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While Chinese Catholics Are Being Sold Out to Communist Dictators, Vatican Sells Out Asia Bibi to Her Muslim Persecutors

From Francis: Not a Word on Her Behalf

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 5, 2018

Back in 2010, the Pakistani Catholic woman commonly known as Asia Bibi (born Aasiya Noreen) was sentenced to death by hanging for the “crime” of “insulting Islam and the Holy Quran.”  The pertinent provision of Pakistan’s penal code (Section 295-C) provides that “Whoever ... defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to a fine."

The alleged insult occurred when Bibi, a farm worker toiling on a hot day, protested the nonsensical prohibition on non-Muslims drinking water from the same cup as Muslims. She was arrested and charged after a mob of angry Muslims swarmed her house and beat her and members of her family. Bibi, the first woman sentenced to death for “blasphemy” in Pakistan, has been languishing in prison ever since while her appeals are endlessly processed and delayed and her many children grow up without their mother.

Pope Benedict XVI intervened almost immediately in the travesty. In a statement issued in November of 2010, he called for Bibi’s release and decried the “difficult situations of Christians in Pakistan” who face “discrimination and violence.” But, as Antonio Socci has just reminded us, during the five years Pope Francis has occupied the Chair of Peter he has uttered not one word in her defense. Worse, “he refused a private audience with the impoverished family of Asia Bibi, who succeeded in traveling to Rome to request help, and has denied them even a gesture of attention.”

Why? To quote Socci, because “he never wants to displease Muslims.” Further, he notes, “After terrorist attacks he [Francis] maintains that they have nothing to do with Islam, but he cannot say the same in the face of ‘The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ which — on the basis of the law on blasphemy — condemns innocents to death. Therefore, he remains silent.”

Francis continues to remain silent even though, Socci further notes, quoting the Italian lawyer Luigi Amicone: “Asia Bibi has spent the past 3,140 days imprisoned in an isolation cell without windows in a maximum security prison” while “not even the tribunals of the first and second grade, who sentenced her to death under the pressure of fundamentalist groups, have had the courage to execute the verdict… and the Supreme Court of Pakistan continues to take its time postponing any definitive pronouncement” on the case.

With exquisite irony, while a socialist-friendly Pope maintains his shameful silence, the socialist mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has offered asylum to Asia Bibi and her entire family as has the administration of the city of Milan, of which Amicone is city attorney.

Here we encounter yet another reason Catholics the world over are recognizing, to their horror, the growing debacle of this papacy, which must be considered unique in the history of the Church. Also unique, however, are the dire ecclesial circumstances foretold in the prophetic warning of the Third Secret of Fatima, of which this pontificate must surely be a central feature.