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The World Sides with Pope Francis against Catholics
IMF Bigwig Calls for "Interdiction" of EWTN

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 21, 2018

As this truly incredible pontificate moves into its fifth year of endless controversy, confusion and division in the Church, the EWTN commentators dubbed “the Papal Posse” — anchorman Raymond Arroyo, Father Gerald Murray, and Robert Royal — have served the Church admirably with their sober critiques of the alarming course this Pope has charted.

This session of “the Papal Posse” in particular demonstrates the effectiveness with which the members of the “posse” are exposing the consequent grave dangers to the Church. The panel discusses the widening disastrous impact of the novelties of Amoris Laetitia, the impending sellout of the faithful Catholics of China, and the Vatican’s failure to effectively address the consequences of the homosexual infiltration of the priesthood which has bred innumerable sexual abuse scandals that this Pope has done nothing to remedy, as shown by his dogged defense of Bishop Barros despite compelling evidence of his complicity in the sexual abuses committed by the infamous Father Karadima in Chile.

The session includes appropriately scathing commentary on Father (“the Papal  Mouthpiece”) Antonio Spadaro’s recent address essentially announcing a sellout to the Chinese communist government and a surrender in the culture war with the modern secular state in general, as well as Cardinal Cupich’s ludicrous “New Momentum” seminars on AL, to be joined by some 37 bishops, which, given his past statements, will apparently be dedicated to implementing moral subversion according to AL’s version of situation ethics under the guise of “discernment.”

Given EWTN’s dependence on support from the diocesan establishment, this kind of candor about our situation requires considerable courage, given the potential for official reprisal in the climate engendered by “the Dictator Pope.” And it is precisely the last session of “the Papal Posse” that has triggered a demand for reprisal from none other than one Tony Annett, a bigwig of the International Monetary Fund, the Washington-based primary lender to the New World Order (NWO), who tweeted:

“Make no mistake, these attacks on @antoniospadaro and @CardinalBCupich represent ‘total war’ on Pope Francis. Time to interdict EWTN until they get rid of @raymond arroyo."

This demand by a layman for the ecclesiastical penalty of an interdiction — which essentially “bans a person or people from accessing most Church Sacraments” — unless Arroyo is fired was promptly retweeted by none other than Spadaro.

Here we have a clear demonstration of the extent to which this pontificate and the interests of the NWO are aligned. It is also a sign of just how desperate Francis’ Vatican is to silence the rising voice of the faithful as Francis and company attempt to steamroll the entire Church into compliance with unheard-of, utterly destructive novelties that spring from the mind of one man and his collaborators.

But the effort to suppress the truth will fail. As The Remnant’s Michael Matt has so pungently observed: “The jig is up. The cat’s out of the Vatican’s bag. The world is onto them. Get rid of Raymond Arroyo and he’ll become an even more outspoken critic of the Vatican dog and pony show. Consign him to the Gulag and a dozen others will step up and take his place. Nobody is falling for it anymore, Father Tony….nobody!”

Stay the course, EWTN. And stay on your horses, Papal Posse. The ride is going to get a lot rougher, but at the end of the road is an inevitable ecclesial restoration that will confound the vainglory of those who think they can remake the Church that Christ founded. God will have it so, and His Blessed Mother will be the instrument for this ultimate triumph. So She promised the faithful at Fatima.