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A "Papal Preacher" for the Great Apostasy

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 30, 2015

For decades now, the supremely ridiculous Father Raniero Cantalamessa, a veritable font of neo-Modernist heresy, has been serving as “Preacher to the Papal Household.” He retains that title under Pope Francis. But Cantalamessa has kicked it up a notch under the impetus of “the Francis effect,” which seems to be moving the human element of the Church toward a doctrine-free Christianity consisting of empty invocations of the name of Christ and calls to “fix our gaze upon Him” like some kind of neo-pagan mantra.

On November 24, Cantalamessa took his circus on the road, addressing the  “Tenth General Synod” of the preposterous “Church of England.”  The “Church of England” is Exhibit A for the catastrophic failure of “ecumenism,” which is essentially an endless, hopeless attempt to find “unity” with Protestant sectarians who have absolutely no intention of adhering to the truths that Christ revealed. After some fifty years of pointless “ecumenical dialogue,” this diabolical parody of a church has “progressed” from approving divorce and contraception to condoning abortion, homosexuality and “gay marriage,” while purporting to ordain women as “priests” and “bishops.”

Confronted with the total decomposition of this degenerate sect, Cantalamessa did what every good “ecumenist” does: ignore reality and proclaim “unity” where none exists. “We should never allow a moral issue like that of sexuality divide us more than love for Jesus Christ unites us,” he declared to this Synod of lunatics.  But how does one “love” Jesus while violating the most basic precepts of the divine and natural law by engaging in adultery (divorce and “remarriage”), fornication and sodomy?  One doesn’t, of course.  As Our Lord Himself teaches: “If you love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

What Cantalamessa really means is that rather than admit that “ecumenism” has utterly failed to achieve unity in truth — even basic morality — one must simply forget the truth for the sake of “ecumenism,” including basic morality. Hence, in line with the hottest new trend of doctrine-free Christianity, Cantalamessa declared to this gathering of fellow heretics as follows:

We need to go back to the time of the Apostles: they faced a pre-Christian world, and we are facing a largely post-Christian world. When Paul wants to summarise the essence of the Christian message in one sentence, he does not say, “I proclaim this or that doctrine to you.” He says, “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor. 1:23), and “We preach . . . Jesus Christ as Lord” (2 Cor. 4:5). This is the real “articulus stantis et cadentis Ecclesiae”, the article by which the Church stands or falls.

In other words, the truth that makes us free (John 8:32) — the truth Christ and the Apostles revealed and His Church has handed down for twenty centuries precisely as His doctrine — no longer matters. Just recite, mindlessly, “we believe in Christ crucified” and “Jesus is Lord” while declaring that any of His teachings deemed unacceptable by Protestants are no bar to “unity.” Cantalamessa betrays Christ and commits high treason against the Kingdom of God, which is the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. He betrays even the more conservative Anglicans who have fled the insane asylum of the “Anglican Communion,” some of whom have been re-ordained as Catholic priests in the Anglican Ordinariate established by Pope Benedict.

With each passing day the evidence mounts: We have reached the final stage of the post-conciliar crisis, the stage at which the very doctrines of the Faith are being discarded in favor of a vague Gnosticism passed off as the new, more “merciful” Christianity that Francis has introduced to the world. In his recent address to the Lepanto Foundation, the aptly named Bishop Athanasius Schneider rightly speaks of “the new Gnostic clerical party” in the Church. 

If this is not at least the beginning of the Great Apostasy foretold in Sacred Scripture, what would be?  Only the Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety would provide the precious details by which we can make sense of this situation in light of Scripture.  For as Saint Thomas teaches, in every age God sends prophets “not indeed for the declaration of any new doctrine, but for the direction of human acts.”  (Summa Theologiae, II-II, Q. 174, Art. 6).

Such a prophet — indeed, the Prophet of Prophets — is Our Lady of Fatima.