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Pope Destroys Holy Thursday Mandatum
Up Next: Married Priests? Lady Deacons?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
January 22, 2015

We have reached the point in this pontificate where if more than a week goes by without Francis dropping another bombshell we are instinctively aware that the next one is overdue.  And so it was.  Yesterday, Francis imposed upon the universal Church his own disobedience of the Church’s liturgical laws, which goes back to when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires:

From now on, in the Novus Ordo liturgy, when conducting the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday, the celebrating priest “may” — in the Novus Ordo, of course, that means must —“choose a group of faithful representing the variety and unity of every part of the People of God. This group may consist of men and women, and ideally of the young and the old, healthy and sick, clerics, consecrated persons and laypeople.”  The Roman Missal for the New Mass is amended accordingly.

Just like that, an ancient rite of the Church commemorating the foundation of the sacred priesthood by Our Lord has been converted into a unisex ritual expressing nothing in particular beyond a vague notion of the priesthood as “a ministry of service.”  Just look at the photo above in order to appreciate the utter degradation this “reform” imposes on the sacred liturgy: an Archbishop, who is now Pope, handling the naked feet and legs of a scantily clad woman.

As Joseph Shaw of England’s Latin Mass Society puts it:  “The traditions of the Roman liturgy, as preserved in the Ordinary Form, are being stripped away one by one.”  So far, the traditional Latin Mass has been spared Francis’ wrecking ball, but don’t count on that situation remaining unchanged.

One might ask: Given that Our Lord washed only the feet of His male apostles, who were to be His priests, is it not the height of presumption to depart from what God Incarnate did on that first Holy Thursday? Nonsense! That was almost 2,000 years ago, when God was culturally conditioned by a male-dominated patriarchal social order.  God is much more inclusive these days, having become, as Francis constantly reminds us, “the God of surprises.” Furthermore, God did not have the benefit of the documents of Vatican II, which, as Francis has noted, “was a re-reading of the Gospel in light of contemporary culture.”  And Catholics thought contemporary culture must be assessed in light of the Gospel, to which culture must conform itself in keeping with God’s law. Who knew that the Church had it backwards for more than 1,900 years?

So what is next for “the God of surprises”?  It should be obvious even to the most obtuse defenders of the rapidly disintegrating Novus Ordo status quo that Cardinal Maradiaga wasn’t kidding when he said — or should I say threatened — that Francis “wants to take this Church renovation to the point where it becomes irreversible.”  Meaning that he apparently intends to inflict irreversible damage to the Church’s laws and traditions wherever he can pull it off.

One senses something like the apprehension that attends the first lighting bolt in a thunderstorm: brace for the next one, which will be much bigger, closer to home, louder and more terrifying. The following booms seem likely to emanate from “the God of surprises” at Casa Santa Marta over the coming months:

  • Some form of permission for public adulterers in invalid second “marriages” to receive Holy Communion.
  • Married priests authorized in some locales as the opening wedge for a married priesthood, which apparently will be the subject of the next Synod of Subversion.
  • Lady deacons.
  • Sacrilegious intercommunion with assorted Protestants, as just happened at the Vatican following an audience between Francis and a delegation from the lunatical Lutheran “Church” of Finland. The delegation included a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual lady who claims she is a “bishop.”  Luther himself would have had this band of heretics burned at the stake, but Francis presented them (including the lady “bishop”) with gifts.

There is no doubt about it: the Church is being scourged by this pontificate.  If only we had had the guidance of the integral Third Secret after the Council, the Church might have avoided the disaster now unfolding before us. Our only recourse now would seem to be an extraordinary intervention by Heaven itself.  May Our Lady of Fatima intercede for us, unworthy though we are.

Correction: Earlier reports stated that the Finnish Lutheran delegation that received Holy Communion in Saint Peter's was the same one that met with the Pope on January 18. In fact, it was a different delegation of Lutherans that visited the Vatican three days earlier, on January 15.