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The Tone Deaf Papacy

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 29, 2016

Holy Thursday. The day of the Missa in coena Domini, at which Catholics commemorate both the founding of the sacred priesthood and the institution of the Holy Eucharist. That’s what we Catholics do. That’s what our Catholic ancestors have done down through the centuries.

But Pope Francis, predictably enough, had other ideas. For him, the Missa in coena Domini, which he decided to stage outdoors at a “refugee” center on the outskirts of Rome, was the perfect occasion to wash and kiss the feet of Muslim, Hindu, Orthodox and, yes, even Catholic “refugees,” both men and women — with cameras rolling, of course, to broadcast to the world the latest manifestation of unprecedented papal humility.

In so doing, Francis violated his own new liturgical law, which allows the feet of women and children to be washed, but selected from among “the people of God” — meaning the Christian faithful. But the Church’s rules are what Francis has called “small-minded” things that get in the way of humility and mercy. So away with them! Even the one Francis has just invented!

Then again, as he told the multi-religious congregation in yet another improvised homily: “All us. Together. Muslims. Hindus. Catholics. Copts. Evangelicals. But brothers. Children of the same God, who want to live in peace, integrated!”

So perhaps for Francis, as opposed to Divine Revelation and all of Tradition as reflected even in the new Catechism, “people of God” does not mean the baptized, who are delivered from servitude to the devil in the state of Original Sin and raised to status of sons of God by adoption (Gal. 4:4-7). Perhaps when Francis changed the liturgical law to allow anyone from “the people of God” to have his or her feet washed on Holy Thursday, he meant any and all human beings, not just the Christian faithful.


Now, this being Holy Thursday, what better opportunity to politicize Catholic worship while the world looks on? And so Francis unblinkingly suggested that the massacre just perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in Belgium was not just their fault. Oh no, no, no. Behind the terrorists, whom Francis rather benignly described as “people who did not want to live in peace,” lay something even more sinister: “manufacturers, arms dealers who want blood, not peace; they want the war, not fraternity.”

A bit of a problem here. The term “arms dealers who want blood” is not commonly applied to the manufacturers of pressure cookers, nails and screws, and the commonly available household chemicals, including peroxide and acetone, that “the people who did not want to live in peace” used to make the triacetone triperoxide (TATP) with which they probably packed their homemade bombs.

But then it was so much easier to divert attention to “arms dealers” instead of fanatical members of the very same religion, some of whose adherents had just had their feet kissed by the Vicar of Christ — a gesture of “brotherhood” that will only inflame the hatred of Islamic terrorists everywhere while confirming “moderate” Muslims in the errors of their man-made religion, leaving them in what Pius XI rightly called “the darkness of Islam.” Indeed, that very phrase is part of the act of Consecration of the World to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that Pius XI prescribed for the whole Church to pray on the Feast of Christ the King. But Francis will have none of that.

It is astounding, even for Francis, that he could conduct this absurd spectacle in the immediate aftermath of the slaughter of Christians by followers of Mohammed, who are most certainly not “children of the same God” who has revealed that He adopts as sons only the followers of His divine Son, Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity that Muslims denounce as a heresy.

This most unholy of Holy Thursday liturgies is yet another sign of an utterly tone-deaf papacy, one that hears only the sound of its own endlessly repeated slogans.  May the intercession of Our Lady of Fatima free the Church from the suffocating grip of an ideology masquerading as the Catholic faith.