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Kissing Muslim Feet Is Not the Answer

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 30, 2016

On Holy Thursday, Francis made a mockery of the traditional Holy Thursday mandatum of Our Lord by washing and kissing the feet of three Muslims along with an assortment of Orthodox, Coptics, Hindus and Catholics.

On Easter Sunday, a Taliban faction of Muslim fanatics detonated a bomb that killed at least 70 Christians, including women and children, and injured 300 others in Lahore, Pakistan, where the crowd had gathered to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord.  This is but the latest in a series of atrocities perpetrated against Christians by Muslim fanatics in Africa, the Middle East and Europe itself.  It will never end so long as Islam is not confronted for what it is and always has been: a manmade cult born in violence, spread by violence, and maintained by violence, with death the penalty for those who manage to escape from its grip.

“All of us, together: Muslims, Hindi, Catholics, Copts, Evangelicals. But brothers, children of the same God,” Francis insisted during his improvised homily on Holy Thursday — as if saying it could make it so.  As if true brotherhood were possible without the universal brotherhood in Christ that His Church was commissioned to establish, without which the world has known nothing but strife.

No matter how many Muslim feet Francis kisses, he will accomplish nothing beyond calling attention to himself, which one must in all candor say appears to be the principal achievement of his entire pontificate. The whole world is paying attention to Francis and his latest gesture of humility, but no one seems to notice that humility before the cameras is not humility at all.

Meanwhile, the human element of the Church continues its fevered pursuit of the same utopian mirage for which Saint Pius X condemned the interreligious Sillon movement in France:

they ask all those who want to change today’s society… not to oppose each other on account of the philosophical or religious convictions which may separate them, but to march hand in hand, not renouncing their convictions, but trying to provide on the ground of practical realities, the proof of the excellence of their personal convictions. Perhaps a union will be effected on this ground of emulation between souls holding different religious or philosophical convictions.

Recalling “the forces, knowledge, and supernatural virtues which are necessary to establish the Christian City, and the sufferings of millions of martyrs,” Pius X asked the question that ought to be posed to the present-day Vatican apparatus, whose program is exactly that of the Sillon: “What are they going to produce? What is to come of this collaboration?”

Here is the answer: Nothing except worthless gestures like a Pope kissing the feet of Muslims while other Muslims, laughing at this display of exhibitionism, step up their slaughter of Christians around the world — at the same time “moderate” Muslims refuse to condemn the slaughter or even to assist the police who pleaded for help in finding the Muslim terrorists hiding amongst them in their European urban neighborhoods. 

Indeed, even the Sillonists would be appalled by the spectacle of a Pope prostrating himself before the members of Mohammed’s violent cult.  Instead of urging civil authority to contain the spread of a religion whose very mission is to exterminate Christianity, as Saint Pius V did with King Phillip II of Spain, this Pope demands that Europe open wide the doors to a Muslim invasion, which he thinks he can tame by kissing feet and confidently declaring that we are all brothers.

In 2,000 years the Church has never been in the grip of such a delusion. It can only portend the most dramatic events for both the Church and the world.