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Memo to the Amoris Laetitia Whitewash Crew:
You Can Stop Now.

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 18, 2016

Does Amoris Laetitia achieve what was obviously Pope Francis’ goal all along: the admission of public adulterers — the divorced and “remarried” — to Holy Communion in “certain cases” (meaning ultimately all cases)?  Of course, it does.

As Francis’ handpicked co-presenter Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, notorious for his “gay-friendly” and pro-divorce orientation, rejoiced during the press conference to present this “catastrophic” document to the world: “My great joy as a result of this document resides in the fact that it coherently overcomes that artificial, superficial, clear division between ‘regular’ and ‘irregular’” — meaning the “superficial” distinction between licit and immoral sexual unions, between Christian marriage on the one hand and relationships involving adultery and fornication on the other.

On the specific question of Holy Communion for public adulterers, Schönborn went on to say what was already obvious from the language of Fateful Footnote 351:

Pope Francis reiterates the need to discern carefully the situation, in keeping with St. John Paul II’s Familiaris consortio (84) (AL 298). “Discernment must help to find possible ways of responding to God and growing in the midst of limits. By thinking that everything is black and white, we sometimes close off the way of grace and of growth, and discourage paths of sanctification which give glory to God” (AL 205)….

In the sense of this “via caritatis” (AL 306), the Pope affirms, in a humble and simple manner, in a note (351) that the help of the sacraments may also be given “in certain cases”. But for this purpose he does not offer us case studies or recipes, but instead simply reminds us of two of his famous phrases: “I want to remind priests that the confessional should not be a torture chamber but rather an encounter with the Lord’s mercy” (EG 44), and the Eucharist “is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak” …

Note the phrase “in keeping with St. John Paul II’s Familiaris consortio (84).”  So, the years-long fraud continues, as both Francis and Schönborn conceal the fact that in the referenced paragraph of Familiaris John Paul II specifically rejects any possibility of a “discernment” that would allow objective public adulterers to receive the Blessed Sacrament — in “certain cases” or in any case.  But that was back when things were “black and white,” whereas under Francis they have become so very gray.

And now we know from Francis himself that he has flatly contradicted his predecessor and the whole of Tradition. During the inflight press conference on his return from the trip to Greece, he was asked whether, contrary to those who say “nothing has changed,” Amoris Laetitia authorizes “new concrete possibilities for the divorced and remarried that did not exist before the publication of this exhortation.”  Punctuating the answer with his hand and nodding his head for emphasis, Francis replied: “I can say yes. Period.” (“Io posso dire sì. Punto.”)

Incredibly enough, he also recommended that everyone read Schönborn’s presentation in which “your question will have an answer.”  I say “incredibly enough” because Schönborn’s answer was: “the Pope affirms, in a humble and simple manner, in a note (351) that the help of the sacraments may also be given ‘in certain cases.’”  That is, Francis — in the manner of a wily politician — has given us the runaround while passing the buck at the same time: Read what my assistant Schönborn said to in order to know what I said in my own document!

Is this for real?  Indeed it is.  And now a bit of unsolicited advice for all the “normalists” who are still desperately trying to whitewash this catastrophic document (about which much more will be written later on these pages): Put down your paintbrushes. It won’t wash.  Francis is making fools of you all.