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Another Week, Another Bergoglian Purge

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 31, 2016

On the heels of a purge of the entire Vatican apparatus on marriage and family, whose offices are now packed with proponents of Holy Communion for public adulterers in “second marriages,” as I discuss here and here, Francis has just purged the entire membership of the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW), leaving only its head, Cardinal Robert Sarah, in powerless isolation. 

The move comes shortly after Cardinal Sarah dared to suggest that priests should return to the celebration of Mass facing God on the altar.  As catholiculture.org reports, with obvious amazement:

“In a stunning move, Pope Francis has replaced all of the members of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship, the body in charge of liturgical questions. It is routine for the Roman Pontiff to appoint a few new members to each Vatican congregation, rotating out members who have served for several years. But on October 28 the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has appointed 27 new members to the Congregation for Divine Worship, completely transforming the membership of that body.

“The new appointments give a distinctly more liberal character” to the CDW, the report continues.  Why am I not surprised?  To read the list of replacement members and compare it with the list of those removed is to be filled with dread.  The new members include a gaggle of certified liberals: Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State; Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the prefect of the Congregation for Clergy; and Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the posturing, pseudo-intellectual president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

But, worst of all, Francis has engineered the return to power over the liturgy of Archbishop Piero Marini (not to be confused with Guido Marini, the current papal master of liturgical ceremonies), who is among the new members of the CDW. Marini was a disciple of the infamous Annibale Bugnini, architect of the New Mass, who was sacked and shipped off to Iran after Paul VI read a dossier documenting allegations of Bugnini’s Masonic affiliation (a dossier whose existence Bugnini admitted in his self-glorifying, 800-page autobiography, while denying he was a Mason).

As Father Brian Harrison, a respected priest-theologian and longtime friend of mine, has observed in an e-mailed commentary published by Catholic Family News, Marini is

“an outspoken foe of traditional trends in liturgy. In John Paul II’s time he orchestrated such liturgical novelties as a bare-breasted lectoress at a papal Mass in Papua New Guinea, and various other dubious forms of ‘enculturation’. In the 1995 papal Mass at Sydney for Australia's first-ever beatification (for Blessed, now Saint, Mary McKillop), in collusion with the liberal, habit-free nuns who dominate the now-dwindling congregation founded by Mother Mary, Marini replaced the Creed by a made-up eco-friendly litany, replaced the penitential rite by a pagan dance by a near-naked, paint-daubed Aboriginal man in which he drove away evil spirits with the help of a smoking tin can, and had the multitudes of lay Eucharistic Ministers hold up ciboriums full of Hosts during the consecration, almost as if they were ‘concelebrating’.”

At the same time, the latest Bergoglian purge removes every single liturgical conservative from the CDW, including Cardinals Raymond Burke, Angelo Scola and George Pell — all three opponents of Francis’ relentless drive to admit public adulterers to the Sacraments — Marc Ouellet, Angelo Bagnasco, and Malcolm Ranjith, perhaps the most conservative of them all.

As Father Harrison observes:

“This almost total clean-out of an entire Congregation's voting members in a single hit — unprecedented in Vatican history, so it seems — is also in effect a sharp rebuff to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, the centerpiece of whose pontifical legacy was a restoration of tradition, dignity, and Latin in the Sacred Liturgy. One is filled with a deep sense of foreboding as to what changes to the way we are expected to worship, and what possible undermining of Benedict’s liberation of the Traditional Latin Rite, are portended by today’s breathtaking papal purge.”

Indeed!  And to add to our dread, as I write this column [October 28] Francis is preparing to depart for Lund, Sweden, where he will participate in a stupefying and utterly scandalous “commemoration” of Luther and the Protestant Revolt, with tantalizing hints in the air of a catastrophic opening to “intercommunion” with Lutherans in “certain cases” — at the very moment public adulterers in “certain cases” are now being allowed (in certain places) to receive Communion while continuing to live in adultery.

If this is not the unfolding of the Third Secret of Fatima, then I cannot imagine what Our Lady could possibly have confided to the seers after She said to them, at the beginning of the Secret, “In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved”.

God help us.