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The Bergoglian Purges Continue:

Pontifical Academy for Life To Become
Equal Opportunity Employer

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 23, 2016

Archbishop Vincenzio Paglia
Head of the “renewed” Pontifical Academy for Life

In my previous column on the subject of the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL), I reported that Francis has effectively decommissioned PAL as a pro-life Vatican agency, junking its original statutes and pro-life oath and redefining its purpose to be the promotion of “mutual respect between genders and generations, the defense of the dignity of each single human being, the promotion of a quality of human life that integrates material and spiritual value, with a view to an authentic ‘human ecology’.”

And now yet another purge of personnel. Every single member of PAL, whose members were life-tenured, is subject to being removed from office effective January 1, 2017, to be replaced by new members with only five-year terms. Worse, under the new statutes members of PAL will now be selected, incredibly enough, “without any religious discrimination, from among well-known ecclesiastical, religious and lay persons of various nationalities, who are expert in the disciplines pertaining to human life…”

The upcoming purge will, accordingly, probably claim the heads of any and all pro-life stalwarts remaining in PAL, including the esteemed philosopher Josef Siefert, an outspoken critic of Amoris Laetitia who wrote a devastating critique of the document. Only one head will most assuredly not roll: that of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, whom Francis installed as President of PAL. Paglia, as noted on these pages, is a committed Bergoglian and thus an avid promoter of Holy Communion for public adulterers in “second marriages”.

The Catholic journalist Maike Hickson notes that Paglia has told the German outlet for Radio Vatican that the shakeup of PAL stresses “the importance of bringing in ‘new impulses’ and of promoting a ‘renewal’.” When a Modernist speaks of “new impulses” and “renewal” think “destruction.”

But then this latest advance of Bergoglianism is only in keeping with the Vatican’s retreat in general from the “culture wars” over the issues Pope Benedict rightly called “principles which are not negotiable,” among which (to quote him) are “the protection of life in all its stages, from the first moment of conception until natural death” and “the recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family — as a union between a man and a woman based on marriage — and its defence from attempts to make it juridically equivalent to radically different forms of union” — that is, civil unions between homosexuals.

On both issues, Francis has observed a conspicuous silence regarding the duty of civil authorities at the same time he demands that Western nations abolish the death penalty, admit vast numbers of male Muslim “refugees” to their borders, and immediately undertake measures to reduce carbon emissions. While Francis disclaims any intention to interfere in political matters, he has no hesitancy about telling governments what they ought to do when it comes to the issues that seem to matter most to him, which also happen to be the very issues on which — unlike abortion and “gay marriage” — Catholics may reasonably disagree so that papal intervention would not be appropriate.

Chalk up the demolition of the Pontifical Academy for Life to the general Bergoglian program of “repurposing” the Church for essentially political activity in Catholic trappings, never offensive to the powers that be, as opposed to the mission Our Lord had in view when He gave His Church the divine commission: to be, as He Himself is, “a sign which shall be contradicted (Lk. 2:34)” by the world. Instead, the Church, in her human element, has become a sign that is applauded by the world­, which calls it “the Francis revolution.”

And so it goes as the Third Secret unfolds before us.