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A Secular Blog Gets It Right.
Why Can't the Catholic Press?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 27, 2016

Anyone who wonders why this column is so often concerned with the current pontificate in general and Amoris Laetitia in particular should consider the column's title: Fatima Perspectives. As I have noted more than once on these pages, it was none other than the last surviving Fatima visionary, Sister Lucia, who warned Cardinal Caffarra (one of the four signers of the dubia concerning Amoris) that "the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family."

Why the final battle? Because the Catholic Church is the final bulwark of the revealed truth concerning marriage and family: that marriage is an indissoluble sacramental union that provides the only sure foundation for the family, which in turn is the foundation of our entire civilization. The disastrous effects of the divorce culture on the once Christian west should be obvious to any observer. Just as obvious should be the final outcome of the marriage and family-related "silent apostasy" that John Paul II acknowledged not long before his death: a divine chastisement of both the Church and the world at large.

Even the new Catechism elaborates the peril for the most obtuse defender of Bergoglian "mercy" toward people who divorce and purport to "remarry":

"Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. It claims to break the contract, to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other till death. Divorce does injury to the covenant of salvation, of which sacramental marriage is the sign. Contracting a new union, even if it is recognized by civil law, adds to the gravity of the rupture: the remarried spouse is then in a situation of public and permanent adultery
"Divorce is immoral also because it introduces disorder into the family and into society. This disorder brings grave harm to the deserted spouse, to children traumatized by the separation of their parents and often torn between them, and because of its contagious effect, which makes it truly a plague on society."

Why, then, do the Catholic defenders of Amoris not recognize what is at stake in its evident opening of the door to the toleration of divorce and "remarriage" in the Church and the admission of people "in a situation of public and permanent adultery" to Holy Communion? Why does it take a secular lay blogger [CAUTION: The site includes offensive content I do not endorse] to see clearly what is happening: i.e., that with the appearance of Amoris "the Roman Catholic Church continues its pitiful descent from the pre-eminent institution in Western Civilization into a glorified NGO"? Why can this mere blogger see what our prattling prelates, with all their empty talk of "accompaniment" and "discernment" (aping the ambiguities of Amoris), either cannot see or deliberately conceal:

"Today, marriage has essentially the same legal and moral status as a cellular phone contract. Inconvenient but not impossible to break, it exists for the pleasure and fulfillment of the husband and wife (or husband and husband or wife and wife). Children are optional.
"In fact, the only prominent institution that continues to resist romantic-hedonic marriage is the Roman Church. So naturally, this has to change. Enter Amoris Laetitia….
"But why should any of this matter to the Alt Right, to Protestants, atheists, Neopagans, and esoteric Kekists? All we care about is saving our race and securing the future for our children, right?
"It matters because politics is downstream from faith and culture… [I]f we truly believe that the family is the basic building block of society, then is it any wonder that our enemies have made it their chief target?...
"See[n] through this lens, Amoris Laetitia represents a greater threat to marriage (and therefore to a healthy society) than even the "homosexual union" movement. Why? Because it is the complete capitulation of the last cultural bulwark for sacramental marriage to the culture of personal fulfillment."

Like I said: the final battle. To any member of the "mainstream" Catholic press who still does not see the gravity of the situation, I say: You must be asleep. Meanwhile, Francis himself is just reported to have admitted to his circle of confidants: "It is not to be excluded that I will enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church."

Are you awake now?