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Have They No Shame?

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Vatican’s obsession with Father Nicholas Gruner has taken on almost insane proportions.

Only one day after the terrorist attack on America  —  only one day — the Vatican bureaucrats who have been hounding Father Gruner for years thought it would be the perfect time to inform the whole world through the Vatican Press Office that no one should attend a peace conference in Rome sponsored by Father Gruner’s apostolate because the conference “does not enjoy the approval of legitimate ecclesiastical authority”.

Of course, no “ecclesiastical approval” for conferences of clergy and laity is necessary under Church law. The Code of Canon Law promulgated by Pope John Paul II (Canons 212, 215, 278, 299) recognizes the natural right of the faithful to meet and discuss issues of concern in the Church today without any “approval”whatsoever. (Indeed, the Vatican does nothing to interfere with innumerable conferences conducted by advocates of women’s ordination and uncountable other heresies, even though the participants in these conferences are abusing their natural right and causing grave harm to the Church). One might as well say that the apostolate’s Rome conference has not been approved by the American Medical Association. So what? But the Vatican apparatus is not about to reveal the whole truth in its half-true announcement.

The “Declaration” also states that Father Gruner has been “suspended” by the Bishop of Avellino. Suspended for what? The only pretext ever given for the “suspension” is that Father Gruner must return to Avellino, Italy (where he as ordained in 1976) or be suspended. Why? Because he “failed” to find another bishop to incardinate him. But here again the “Declaration” conceals the whole truth: Three successive friendly bishops have offered incardination to Father Gruner with permission to continue his apostolate, but all three incardinations have been blocked (or declared “non-existent”) by the same Vatican bureaucrats who now announce the resulting “suspension”. In other words, Father Gruner is deemed “suspended” for failing to carry out an order his accusers themselves prevented him from carrying out. Would the same Vatican bureaucrats inflict this kind of torture on Hans Kung, who remains a priest in good standing?

So, the Vatican’s priorities in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in world history are these: 1) telegram of condolences to victims; 2) attacking Father Gruner, and 3) a very, very distant third, defending the Church from her real enemies  —  concerning which the ever-vigilant Congregation for the Clergy does little or nothing.

This, then, is where we stand, thirty-five years after the “springtime” of Vatican II began: The Consecration of Russia  —  not the world, not “youth in search of meaning,” not “the unemployed,” but RUSSIA  —  remains undone. The world is convulsed by wars, terrorism and the holocaust of abortion in every nation, as it becomes clearer by the hour that we are heading for an apocalypse. The Islamic fundamentalists whom Vatican diplomats now call “our Muslim brothers” hate us and wish to kill us all in accordance with the dictates of their Koran. The Church herself is gravely wounded by heresy and scandal in dioceses throughout the world, where she has lost all credibility because of the corruption of her human members.

Yet in the midst of all this death, chaos, heresy and scandal, now reaching their respective apogees, the Vatican considers it imperative  —  right now!  —  to condemn to the whole world one lone priest from Canada, who has honored his vows and kept the faith.

Why? Why? It can only be the Message of Fatima. This, it seems, alarms them more than the current condition of the Church and the world. And yet the condition of the Church and the world would surely change radically for the better if Father Gruner’s persecutors would simply do what Our Lady requested at Fatima: “If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”

Have they no shame?