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The Vatican’s Anonymous “Higher Authority”

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In my last column (“Have They No Shame?”) I discussed how the Vatican Press Office, within hours of the terrorist attack on America, decided that the entire Catholic world needed to be informed – at that very moment – of the latest gratuitous denunciation of Father Nicholas Gruner by certain Vatican bureaucrats.

“Suspended!,” they say. Suspended for what? Funny, but the denunciation doesn’t specify any grounds for the “suspension.” Perhaps that is because the grounds are ridiculous: Father Gruner “failed” to find another bishop to incardinate him, so he must return to Avellino. Of course, the same bureaucrats who issued the denunciation fail to mention that they themselves prevented Father Gruner from being received by three successive friendly bishops outside Avellino. But what need does the public have for such little details? No, it is enough to declare that Father Gruner has been “suspended.” Now the Church is safe from this menacing priest with his talk of Fatima. No wonder notifying the world of Father Gruner’s “supension” was so important it couldn’t wait until the dust had settled over the ruins of the World Trade Center. We can all rest easy now.

I have said it before and I say it again here: In a Church teeming with clerical malefactors, Father Gruner, despite his orthodoxy and moral uprightness, has committed the one unpardonable offense: He remarks the obvious. It is obvious that Russia shows no signs of having been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, some 17 years after a consecration of the world which was done at the Vatican in which any mention of Russia was studiously avoided. It is obvious that the world has not been granted the period of peace Our Lady promised if the consecration were carried out as She specified.

This was obvious even before those hijacked airliners crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. It will be obvious even to the biggest of the Fatima-revisionist dunderheads once American military forces begin what will be an endless war to “wipe out terrorism.” We will have about as much chance of victory as we would in a war to “wipe out Original Sin.” The probable result of this war “to wipe out terrorism” will be the raising up of a new generation of even more hate-filled enemies of America, driven on by the approaching glory of a martyrdom for Allah and the memories of their bomb-blasted and starving relatives who had nothing to do with terrorism.

But there seems to be no stopping the apocalyptic forces which are now in motion in this seventeenth year of “the conversion of Russia.” (Sooner or later, I believe, the Russian connection to the terrorist attack will emerge, as interviews with a high-ranking Russian defector published by NewsMax have already begun to show.)

A curious thing is that the Vatican’s obscenely ill-timed denunciation of “the Fatima priest” states that it was issued by a “mandate of Higher Authority.” Why does this Higher Authority lack a name? After all, if Father Gruner is going to be denounced to the whole world, shouldn’t the world be informed of who, precisely, has “mandated” the denunciation? Or has the Catholic Church become a secret society, like the freemasons, governed by a man behind a curtain, like the Wizard of Oz?

Whoever ordered publication of the denunciation would no doubt like us to believe that the “Higher Authority” is Pope John Paul II. But, of course, if it were the Pope, they would have said so explicitly. They would hardly have missed the opportunity to invoke the full weight of papal authority in their campaign against Father Gruner. In fact, “Higher Authority” is the Vatican’s customary phrase for the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano. This is the same Cardinal Sodano who credits culture of death potentate Mikhail Gorbachev with the “triumph of liberty” in Russia (forget the triumph of the Immaculate Heart!) and who praises the writings of the arch-heretic Hans Kung, whose latest book suggests that Blessed Pius IX was a psychopath.

What does it say about those who have just denounced Father Gruner that they will not even reveal the name of the man they claim “mandated” the denunciation? What does it say about that man, who refuses to put his name to his own public action? And what are we to make of the unprecedented Vatican denunciation itself: a faithful, orthodox priest is denounced before the whole world in a document which does not even state a reason why the priest is being denounced! Not even the worst heretics in living memory have received such treatment from Vatican officials.

Something is terribly wrong inside the Vatican bureaucracy. Its obsession with Father Gruner is but one symptom of raging disease which has brought the Church and the world to the brink of chaos, even as the Fatima revisionist stooges continue to insist that all is well.

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!