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Vatican Forbids Conversion of Russia

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On June 26, 2000 the Vatican told the world that the Third Secret is a thing of the past and that the story of Fatima is basically finished. The next day Mikhail Gorbachev, worldwide promoter of abortion, sat between two cardinals (Sodano and Silvestrini) as the Vatican’s guest of honor at a news conference to celebrate the glories of Ostpolitik. The abandonment of the Message of Fatima by the Vatican bureaucracy has only accelerated since then.

On January 30, 2001 the CWNNews/Keston news service revealed the incredible information that the Vatican itself has ordered Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the apostolic administrator for Russia, not to sign papers for the registration of Catholic parishes under Russia’s 1997 law on “freedom of religion.” The result is that “All Eastern-rite Catholic parishes in Russia are underground,” according to Bishop Yulian Gbur of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Why is the Vatican refusing to allow Catholic parishes to register in Russia? You guessed it: Vatican “diplomacy” is once again at work. According to Bishop Gbur, Kondrusiewicz said he could not sign the registration papers because legalization of Catholic parishes in Russia “would be viewed as proselytism by the Moscow Patriarchate, and the consequences would be bad for the Catholic Church.”

Bad for the Catholic Church? According to Father Sergi Golovanov, because of the Vatican’s refusal to permit registration “we are not allowed to exist in western Russia.” So this is good for the Catholic Church? Let’s think this through: the schismatic Russian Orthodox object to any expansion of the Catholic Church in Russia, and even to its very existence. Therefore, it would be “bad” for the Catholic Church if it were to attain legal status in Russia, but “good” for the Catholic Church if it became illegal and went underground for lack of registration?

Huh? It seems we are in the face of yet another example of the double-talk which is so characteristic of post-conciliar thinking: the best thing for the Catholic Church in Russia is not to be the Catholic Church in Russia. That way we can pretend that the Catholic Church does not really exist within Russia’s borders, so that the Orthodox will not be offended. Accordingly, in the official directory of the Catholic Church in Russia the Moscow community of Eastern-rite Catholics is not listed as a parish, but — get this! — a “pastoral point.”

But why should we care if the Orthodox are “offended”? When Our Lady said at Fatima “the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, which will be converted,” I rather doubt She meant that the Catholic Church would someday have a few “pastoral points” in Russia, but nothing extensive enough to offend the Russian Orthodox. How much longer will the anti-Fatima forces be able to maintain the illusion that Russia was “consecrated” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984, when the Vatican itself refuses to permit the conversion of Russia?

Father Fox, call your office! As for those who have, until now, accepted his delusional version of the Message of Fatima, consider lending your support to the only priest I know of who has the guts to tell the whole world that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes: Father Nicholas Gruner.