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Vatican Betrayal

Vatican Delegation Demands Resignation of Two Catholic Bishops in Favor of Schismatic Puppets of Beijing

by Christopher A. Ferrara
January 24, 2018

Almost daily, a new scandal erupts from the Vatican. The situation has become so outrageous that now even decidedly mainstream journals such as The Catholic Herald are pulling no punches in telling the truth about the increasingly alarming course of this pontificate.

Thus, the Herald now unsparingly reports the revolting news that “The Holy See has reportedly asked two Chinese bishops to stand aside to make way for illicitly ordained, Chinese government-backed counterparts.”

Note well: a mainstream Catholic newspaper does not flinch from reporting, precisely for what it is, the Vatican’s betrayal of the true bishops of the Catholic Church in China by connivance with the corrupt atheist regime in Beijing, which has presided over the illicit consecration of “government-backed” puppets, which is to say blatant schismatics.

Citing the outlet Asia News, the Herald further reports that one of the two Catholic prelates, 88-year-old Bishop Peter Zhuang, a validly consecrated successor of the Apostles of the “underground” (i.e., true) Church in China, has “received a letter dated 26 October asking him to resign to make way for the government-backed Bishop Huang Bingzhang.” Huang had been excommunicated in 2011, during the reign of Benedict XVI, after being consecrated without the required papal mandate, an offense that results in automatic excommunication. Huang, the Herald notes, “is also a member of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese parliament.” That is, he is a politician of the Communist regime in China.

Further sickening details are reported by the Herald via Asia News: “Bishop Zhuang was escorted to Beijing, where he met Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, former president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, who told him to retire – but with the proviso that he could nominate three priests, one of whom Bishop Huang would appoint as his vicar general. Sources said Bishop Zhuang burst into tears on hearing the demand, adding that ‘it was meaningless to appoint a vicar general, who is still a priest that Bishop Huang could remove him [] anytime.’”

As for the other true Catholic bishop, Joseph Guo Xijin of Mindong, he was told to “accept demotion to coadjutor bishop under the government-backed Vincent Zhan Silu,” which is essentially a Vatican demand that a true Catholic bishop subordinate himself to a schismatic Communist puppet.

Let it not be thought that this betrayal has originated entirely with Pope Francis. It has been a long time in the planning, with the final execution of the plan coming only now. Some seventeen years ago, when this column was in its infancy, I wrote: "The Vatican refuses to condemn the schism of the 100 communist-controlled bishops of the Red Chinese CPA, yet Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was instrumental in the conversion of much of West Africa, was immediately cast into outer darkness for consecrating four bishops in an effort to preserve some semblance of Catholic tradition — as we all knew it before ‘the great renewal of Vatican II’ began. This is the essence of the liberal’s double-standard: no enemies to the left, and nothing but enemies to the right.”

We are now witnessing the final outcome of the Vatican policy of Ostpolitik, the folly that Father Gruner never ceased to condemn in the light of Fatima. That is, the Vatican’s diplomatic accommodation of Communist regimes, which began with the Second Vatican Council’s shameful refusal to condemn or even to mention Soviet Communist and Chinese Communist tyranny while absurdly claiming that the Council was “scrutinizing the signs of the times” that the Council, at that very moment, was resolutely ignoring. All proposed conciliar schemas and other interventions condemning Communism, including a petition by 450 of the Fathers, were systematically suppressed.

As my friend and colleague Hilary White has put it: “The Vatican has been trying to ‘regularize’ the schismatic CPA since the time of the ‘Ostpolitik’ project of Cardinal Casaroli under Paul VI.” The same project was carried forward under Cardinals Sodano and Bertone, who by no coincidence were also involved in attempting to bury the supremely anti-communist Message of Fatima. Cardinal Parolin, the current Vatican Secretary of State, now seems poised to lower the true Church in China into its grave.

As Hilary notes, according to the policy of Ostpolitik,“You can’t be too Catholic around Communist regimes.” But now, as the post-conciliar revolution appears to reach its nadir, it seems the revolutionaries have declared that one cannot be “too Catholic” at all as they attempt to replace the faith of our fathers with a worldly substitute that is nothing more than a form of apostasy that “begins at the top,” to quote Cardinal Ciappi’s famous revelation concerning the Third Secret.

But that same apostasy heralds the time of a great restoration, even if it may well occur in the midst of devastation for both the Church and the world.