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The Vatican Begins
to Roar – At Last

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In a hard-hitting address to a group of chaplains on April 23, Archbishop Angelo Amato, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has departed from the seemingly endless “dialogue” of the past forty years and blasted evil and evildoers for what they are.

Yes, he actually used the word evil — repeatedly.

Amato spoke of “the daily ration of evil” doled out by the mass media, but referred also to “evils that remain almost invisible” because the same mass media hide them or present them under deceptive Orwellian euphemisms.

Abortion “is called (the) ‘voluntary interruption of a pregnancy’ and not the killing of a defenseless human being,” he said, whereas abortion mills, which are nothing more than “slaughterhouses of budding human beings,” are given deceptively neutral names like “reproductive services clinic.” In the name of progress, the parliaments of “so-called ‘civilized’ nations … promulgate laws contrary to the nature of the human person, like the approval of marriages between persons of the same sex or euthanasia.”

But what modern states call progress, said the Archbishop, is really “terrorism with a human face” that is no less repugnant than the open terrorism of the suicide bomber.

Summing up, the Archbishop declared that today evil “is not only the action of individuals or well-defined groups, but comes from dark centers, laboratories of false opinions, anonymous powers that pound our minds with false messages, judging as ridiculous and retrograde behavior conforming to the gospel.”

Note the telling references to “anonymous powers”, “dark centers” and “laboratories of false opinions.” This speech is little short of an open declaration of war on the forces, both seen and unseen, that govern the modern secular state.

And yet the voices of political correctness have remained strangely reticent in response to the address, even though it was widely reported.Why have they not blasted the Vatican from every pulpit they control? After all, a high-ranking Vatican official has just described their entire agenda as terrorism with a human face.

I am partial to the theory of Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant. Matt is convinced that the Church’s enemies have consciously refrained from attacking the Vatican over this speech because they fear they might wake the sleeping giant, who, at this moment, seems to be on the verge of rousing from its sleep. Were the enemies of the Church to go on the attack against Amato, they just might provoke a full-fledged return to form of the entire Church militant, led by the Pope himself.

The powers that be have grown very comfortable with the post-conciliar Church of “dialogue” and “ecumenism.” But they remain ever-vigilant for the slightest return of Catholic tradition, as seen by the nearly hysterical reaction of certain liberal pressure groups to the reports that Pope Benedict is about to authorize worldwide usage of the “anti-Semitic” traditional Latin Mass, which dares to call for the conversion of the Jewish people — like Christ and His Jewish apostles did!

In the case of Amato’s groundbreaking speech, however, the Church’s enemies appear to be pondering their next move. Perhaps they sense it is too early to begin the open persecution of Rome itself. But no doubt they are planning for the day when even the Pope himself can be threatened with arrest for denying the dogmas of modernity.

Our Lady of Fatima, protect us, and protect the Pope.