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"Good News" Update

Downfall of the “Sandalistas”

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Not all the news during this, the “winter of Vatican II,” is bad. Quite the contrary, with the “liberation” of the traditional Latin Mass by Pope Benedict XVI on the auspicious date of 7/7/07 — quite plainly a turning point in the history of the Church and the world — we have had far more good news than beleaguered traditional Catholics could ever have expected during the last pontificate.

And now, from England, some spectacularly good news indeed. As reported by Damian Thompson of (6/14/08), during a press conference before he celebrated the traditional Latin Mass at Westminster Cathedral (the first time in nearly forty years that the traditional Mass has been seen there) Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos revealed that “the traditional Latin Mass — effectively [but never legally] banned by Rome for 40 years — is to be reintroduced into every Roman Catholic parish in England and Wales…”

Equally stunning is the revelation that “all seminaries will be required to teach trainee priests how to say the old Mass so that they can celebrate it in all parishes.”

Leaving no doubt of the matter, when asked whether “the Latin Mass would be celebrated in many ordinary parishes in the future, Cardinal Castrillon said: “Not many parishes — all parishes. The Holy Father is offering this not only for the few groups who demand it, but so that everybody knows this way of celebrating the Eucharist.”

It gets even better. As Thompson reports, “Benedict will reintroduce the old rite — which will be known as the ‘Gregorian Rite’ — even where the congregation has not asked for it.” Amazing! The Mass that was, only a few years ago, bogusly “banned” is now to become mandatory.

And notice the reference to “Gregorian Rite” — a recognition that the traditional Mass is not merely the “Tridentine Mass,” dating from the Council of Trent in the 16th Century, but also the rite of Saint Gregory the Great, dating from the 6th Century, and going back even further than that, as Saint Gregory merely made minor modifications to the existing Latin rite. This news apparently signals an early abandonment of that unfortunate term “Extraordinary Form” to designate the traditional Mass in Pope Benedict’s historic motu proprio of last year.

Thompson has presented these stunning developments as a terrible defeat for the “Sandalistas” — the noxiously liberal, aging Vatican II hippie-prelates who have all but destroyed the Catholic Church in England. And a defeat it is. The poor things are probably crushed, and are no doubt plotting tactics and strategies of disobedience that will test the Pope’s will to govern.

But the defeat of the “Sandalistas” is also a great victory for Holy Church, and perhaps portends the infinitely greater victory that will follow the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As the brilliant Italian writer Antonio Socci puts it in his breakthrough book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, when the Consecration is finally done, there will be “a return to the Eucharist, an anchorage that signifies also a clear ‘conversion’ to doctrinal orthodoxy after the frightening deviations following the Council and, I hold, a return as well to adoration, therefore to the bimillennial liturgy of the Church that was liquidated in a post-conciliar coup.” May Our Lord and Our Lady bring these happy events to pass during this pontificate.