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"Kasper the Friendly Heretic" Update

Kasper’s Ecumenical Blather

by Christopher A. Ferrara

During a recent address in Ireland, Cardinal Walter Kasper  —  who has publicly denied the necessity of Jewish and Protestant conversion, and cast doubt on the Apostolic Succession, the dogma of papal infallibility and the infallible teaching of Pope Leo XIII on the invalidity of Anglican orders  —  revealed that he is still a very busy ecclesial mole.

During his address (as reported by Zenit on June 22, 2004) Kasper "posed an inward-looking question when addressing a mixed group of Christians who were reviewing the results of ecumenism over the past few years. ‘Who are we?’ the president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity asked last Saturday at Trinity College in Dublin."

Who are we? Well, Cardinal Kasper, we are Catholics and they are not. They must return to the Catholic Church for the sake of Christian unity, while we are already members.

According to Kasper, however, "Christian identity is an identity of love, an open identity able to talk and share with others." But, says Kasper, "There can be no dialogue with people who do not have a clear idea of their own identity."

This is standard ecumenical blather. "Ecumenism" has nothing to do with bringing the Protestants and the Orthodox back to the one true Church, but rather with everyone gaining a clear idea of his own religious "identity." Conversion to Roman Catholicism, of course, is out of the question to the practitioners of "Ecumenism".

According to Zenit, Kasper "also mentioned some of the milestones achieved with the Orthodox, saying that ‘there is not always consensus, but we make progress.’" Progress? What progress? "The dialogue of love exists," says Kasper, but "The greatest challenge for present-day theology is the ‘koinonia,’ or communion, as well as the Petrine ministry."

Translation: after 40 years of "ecumenical dialogue" with the Orthodox, they still reject communion with the Roman Pontiff. In fact, the Orthodox reject the papal primacy more adamantly than ever. There has been no progress whatsoever, and the "dialogue of love" is nothing but an empty slogan.

Concerning Protestantism, Kasper said: "We Catholics have learned much from our brothers of the Reformation, especially in Bible reading." What? So much for the Council of Trent, which systematically condemned and anathematized the errors of Protestant "Bible reading" on everything from the priesthood, to the seven sacraments, to justification. Of course, for ecclesial moles like Kasper, the Council of Trent is something to be buried and forgotten  —  like the Message of Fatima.

Kasper’s blather reached its height when he said of the Anglicans that he was "worried about the divisions and the ethical questions involved." He added: "In ecumenism, if someone has problems, we have problems."

Preposterous. Catholics do not have problems because of Anglican heresy and immorality  —  Anglicans do. That is why the Anglicans must cease to be Anglicans and become Catholics. But Kasper and his fellow ecclesial moles now openly deny what the Holy Office in 1949 defended as "the Catholic truth [and] the teaching of the Roman Pontiffs on the return of the dissidents to the one true Church."

Will no one stop the destruction that Kasper and his fellow neo-modernists are causing? Apparently, not the current Pope, who appointed Kasper to his prominent Vatican position.

Surely, however, God will sooner or later send us a Pope to restore the good order the Church  —  beginning with obedience to the requests of the Mother of God at Fatima. Meanwhile, Catholics must do everything in their power to oppose the likes of Kasper, while holding fast to the Faith we have received from the Apostles. For this is the time prophesied by Our Lord himself: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Matthew 7:15).