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They Have Uncrowned Him

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Now that the Church has been made safe for Fatima revisionism with the all-important announcement of Father Nicholas Gruner’s “suspension,” the Vatican officials responsible for this travesty evidently believe they no longer need concern themselves with such antiquated notions as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Queen and Our Mother, as prophesied at Fatima.

As for Our King, Jesus Christ, the Vatican bureaucracy rhetorically uncrowned Him long ago. The teaching of the pre-conciliar popes on the Social Kingship of Christ disappeared without a trace after Vatican II. “Interreligious dialogue” and “the civilization of love” have supplanted the traditional teaching on the duty of both men and nations to submit to the reign of Christ the King. (Cfr. Quas Primas by Piux XI)

Typical of today’s approach to Christ the King is the recent statement of Cardinal Walter Kasper, head of nothing less than the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. In a recent interview with CNS News Service in Rome, Kasper remarked that “The Church must take its cue from Christ, who came ‘not to lord it over others’ but to offer self-giving service.” Oh, please!

First of all, Christ is Lord above all else: The Lord of history and the Lord of all creation. Indeed, Kasper was commenting on the Vatican document Dominus Ieusus – that is, the Lord Jesus. So, according to Kasper, Christ the Lord did not come to be Lord over us. And this from the head of a major pontifical council.

Kasper’s remark, of course, is typical modernist obfuscation involving the trick of the false antithesis: Christ came to serve, therefore not to “lord it over” us. But the concept of service is hardly inconsistent with the concept of lordship. Christ came indeed to serve man by offering Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins; but He who serves us is also our King, to whose lordship we must submit under pain of eternal damnation: “He who believes and is baptized shall be saved; he who believes not shall be condemned”.

Kasper went even further with this nonsense during the interview: “‘Understood in this way, the claim of the unity and unicity of the Christian order of salvation is no imperialistic thesis that dominates or oppresses other religions,’ he said. Instead, it is ‘an appeal for and the basis of mutual tolerance and respect, of sharing and communication, of exchange and interchange, of understanding, reconciliation and peace’”

Is that so? Then what are we to make of the Lord’s warning that “he who believes not shall be condemned”? Rather imperialistic, isn’t it? Here we see another modernist trick: the slighting of a truth by means of a pejorative overstatement. The Catholic religion is not “imperialistic” in a pejorative sense in its claim that it is the one true religion to which all men have an objective duty to belong. (We are not speaking here of possible cases of subjective inculpability.) There is a perfectly natural and quite inevitable imperialism flowing from the truth that God founded the Catholic Church. This consists of the imperial command of Christ the King that he who does not believe in Him shall be condemned. There will be no “tolerance, sharing and communication” between different religions in the next world, as the Lord Himself warns us.

And so it goes in the post-conciliar, post-Fatima Church administered by prelates like Kasper  —  who, by the way, defended (with fellow liberal Cardinal Lehman) the German bishops’ practice of issuing abortion certificates to Catholic women. Faithful priests are “suspended” for nothing while heretics and pedophiles are coddled and even promoted, and the head of a Pontifical Council  —  made a cardinal after defending the German episcopate’s complicity in abortion  —  informs us that the Lord Jesus does not “lord it over us.”

But everything is fine, you see. For Father Nicholas Gruner has been “suspended”. Indeed, those who abuse their authority in the Vatican have no problem with “lording it over” innocent members of the clergy. It is only God who has been demoted from His Lordship in their minds.