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  2. Rome 2017

    Rome 2017
  3. Fatima Portugal

    Fatima Portugal 2017
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October 17th The Pretend Capital Punishment "Reversal"; The Role of John Paul II

October 16th What if the Pope Does "Change the Church's Teaching" on Capital Punishment?

October 12th Pope Francis on the Death Penalty: Reversing the Constant Teaching of the Church?

October 10th A Tale of Two Countries; In Poland: A million pray the Rosary for a new victory over Islam; In the Vatican: A call for the Church to join "the cultural revolution"

October 6th The "Fruits" of Ecumenism = Protestantism

October 5th Women Deacons Rising?

October 3rd At the New, Improved Pontifical Academy for Life, "Life" Means "Whatever We Feel Like Blathering About."

September 29th Cardinal Müller Bobs and Weaves

September 28th The Word Has Power

September 26th On the Filial Correction