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Neo-Catholic Blindness: Another Case in Point

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In other columns I have pointed out how the neo-Catholics refuse to see that the current crisis in the Church began, and will only end, in Rome. The Denver Post provides yet another example of this blindness in its May 9, 2001 edition.

It seems that a rather obscure pro-abortion Congresswoman, Diana DeGette, was asked to speak at an awards dinner for the Denver Archdiocesan Housing Committee. Just a speech, mind you, not even an award. The Archdiocese found itself inundated with letters and emails protesting DeGette’s appearance, and the invitation was withdrawn by order of Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput. The fundraising chairwoman for the housing committee, one Denise Ludwig, was forced to send a letter telling DeGette that she was uninvited: “I deeply regret this request to ask that you not attend our Housing Awards Dinner.” Oh, how sad.

DeGette hurled back all the usual expressions of liberal outrage, including her objection to the Archdiocese’s “litmus test” on abortion. Yes, there is indeed a Catholic “litmus test” on this issue: those who support the cold-blooded murder of innocent human beings in the womb are not considered worthy speakers at Catholic functions. Hey, call us picky. DeGette whined that “the fringe politics of abortion have apparently won out.” Yes, Catholics belong to that fringe which believes the Fifth Commandment, continues to operate even in America.

Chaput’s reply to DeGette was exquisite: “I invite you to turn away from the fringe politics (of the abortion issue) by bringing your own politics more consistently in line with real service to the sanctity of human life.” And this: “your own party enforces a pro-choice litmus test on its potential candidates far more roughly and with far less moral legitimacy.” DeGette huffed that the Archbishop was being “combative.” As in the Church militant, you mean?

All of this is very interesting, and Archbishop Chaput deserves the support of every Catholic for telling off this obnoxious woman. But how is it that the same people who protest the appearance of an obscure politician to deliver an obscure speech at an obscure fundraising dinner in Denver, take no notice of the fact that the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano, has twice honored the despicable pro-abort Mikhail Gorbachev by inviting him to speak at the Vatican? It is a public fact that Gorbachev’s tax-free foundations are promoting reduction of the world’s population by four billion people through abortion and contraception. Yet Sodano has invited this leader of the culture of death to give addresses at the Vatican on at least two occasions. On the first (June 27, 2000), Sodano had Gorbachev seated next to himself at a phony “press conference” at which no questions were allowed. (Fatima.org’s press man was there to witness this sham.) On the second, (the Jubilee of Politicians in November 2000), Gorbachev was given the honor of addressing not an archdiocesan housing committee, but the very Vicar of Christ, before a vast gathering of world politicians.

There will be no solution to the crisis in the Church until the Vatican bureaucracy is held to the same standard of Catholic decency, decorum and common sense as that adhered to by Archbishop Chaput. Either Sodano and his collaborators cease their hobnobbing with the forces of darkness and go back to preaching the Gospel, or God will have to clean house at the Vatican. Only then will the crisis end.

Why not send Cardinal Sodano a fax, letting him know what you think of his allowing Mr. Gorbachev to use the Vatican as a forum?

Angelo Cardinal Sodano
Vatican Secretary of State
Vatican City
Fax. No.: Istituto per le Opere de Religione 0669883809
Istituto Ecclesiastici di Educazione e di Istruzione 0668801274