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"One World Order" Update

U.N. Orders Guatemala to Legalize Abortion

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the Vatican’s diplomatic geniuses continue to pursue the insane policy of supporting the godless United Nations as a legitimate instrument of international comity, the U.N. presses ahead with its establishment of a New World Order of universal abortion and contraception.

On August 2, 2001 reported that in Geneva the United Nations "Human Rights" Committee has just issued "a demand that Guatemala legalize abortion." As if anyone could not have seen this coming years ago.

According to the report, the "Human Rights" Commission declares that Guatemala — whose constitution forbids abortion — must guarantee "the right to the life of pregnant women who decide to interrupt their pregnancies." How very clever — citing the right to life in support of murder. That sort of inversion has the whiff of sulphur about it, signifying the presence of Satan. But what is the U.N. if not a satanic organization?

The "human rights" committee has also "ordered the country to provide pregnant women with ‘the information and the means necessary to guarantee these rights’" and has further declared that Guatemala must secure the "human right" to abortion by "amending the law to establish exceptions to the general prohibition against all abortion."

As the U.N. would have it, "the criminalization of abortion ‘creates serious problems, mainly in light of uncontested information on the high incidence of maternal mortality, of clandestine abortions, and the lack of information on the family planning.’" How does any of these "problems" justify murder in the womb? Of course, none of them does. There is no justification for deliberate murder of an innocent. But the U.N. "human rights" commission tells us that the murder of innocents is "the right to life." George Orwell could not have written a more chilling scenario that what now confronts us in the real world.

Now, folks, if the U.N. feels empowered to order Guatemala to legalize baby-killing, how long do you think it will be before the International Criminal Court — which the Vatican also insanely supports — will be carrying out those orders with criminal prosecutions of legislators and other government officials for the "crime against humanity" of preventing "legal" abortions, resulting in the death of women from illegal abortions?

Even Protestant evangelical types, not to mention secular political think tanks, can see that the U.N.’s agenda is evil and that the U.N. must be opposed, not supported, as a threat to true human liberty — indeed, the single greatest threat in the world today.

But on and on the Vatican diplomats go, hobnobbing with the forces of darkness in that Tower of Babel on the Hudson River. And slowly, but inexorably, darkness spreads throughout the world from that awful place called the United Nations. Lord help us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.