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"New World Order" Update

U.N. Threatens Tiny Catholic Nation for Banning Abortion

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Since Vatican II, the Vatican bureaucracy, led by the Vatican Secretariat of State, has been a strong supporter of the United Nations. The notion that there should be a one-world government under the auspices of an institution like the U.N. was seemingly endorsed by the Council in its document Gaudium et spes, which declares that "It is our clear duty, therefore, to strain every muscle in working for the time when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent. This goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of some universal public authority acknowledged as such by all and endowed with the power to safeguard on the behalf of all, security, regard for justice, and respect for rights." (n. 81) By "universal public authority" the Council was obviously not referring to the Catholic Church, as conciliar and post-conciliar events demonstrate.

In his 1965 address to the United Nations General Assembly during the last session of the Council, Pope Paul VI clearly regarded the U.N. as the "universal public authority" referred to by Gaudium et spes. During that address Paul VI called the U.N. the "last great hope for concord and peace" and declared: "May its authority increase." Since the Council the Vatican has been an observer nation at the U.N., in which capacity it has endorsed various power-grabbing U.N. treaties, including the deplorable Convention on the Rights of the Child, which seeks to create "children’s rights" independent of the rights of their parents.

Sad to say, the Vatican is getting its wish for a bigger, better U.N. The authority of the U.N. is increasing daily, and with it the specter of a "universal public authority" that will be anything but Catholic in its orientation. Despite this, the Secretariat of State has even supported the creation of an International Criminal Court (ICC) affiliated with the United Nations which would be able to pluck citizens from any nation and put them on trial for as yet unspecified "crimes against humanity."

A small but telling example of the Vatican’s folly in supporting the U.N.’s expansion of power was reported by CWNews on July 13. According to CWN "the United Nations is harassing a tiny Southern European Catholic country with less than 70,000 citizens for not allowing abortion. This week, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women called on Andorra, a country located between France and Spain and about 2.5 times the size of Washington, DC, to deliver its report on compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)." In reply "Andorra, indicated that it regarded unborn children as having the right to life and thus abortion as a crime" and that Andorra punishes abortion with imprisonment up to a maximum term of 30 months for the mother and six years for the person who performed the abortion."

The U.N. investigative committee is now demanding to know "What did women faced with unwanted pregnancies do if they did not find it possible to travel?" outside of Andorra. The committee also demanded "information regarding the women who had been imprisoned for abortion." According to CWN "The committee also apparently took offense to the fact that most education in the country was provided by Catholic schools and made a pointed inquiry about the availability of sex education. The UN report relates that one "expert" on the commission asked: "‘Were the Catholic schools entities unto themselves, or could the Education Office mandate such a (textbook) review and in-service teacher training on the various facets of sex education?’ A majority of young women were attending the Catholic schools in Andorra, so she wished to know whether there was sex education or human rights teaching in those schools."

What business of the United Nations is the abortion law and Catholic educational policy of the small Catholic nation of Andorra? What right does the U.N. have to meddle in the affairs of a nation which, however small, wishes to preserve the Catholic social order abandoned by every other European nation? The answers are: none and none. Yet that will not stop the U.N. from intimidating a nation of 70,000 people whose legislators still believe that abortion is murder and should be treated as such by the criminal law. Andorra, you see, must be coerced into joining the rest of the world in its apostasy.

No doubt the ICC, once it is operational (in about two years, according to legal experts) will become the U.N.’s policing arm for the enforcement of the universal regime of contraception and abortion which is basic U.N. policy. Yet Archbishop Martino, the Vatican’s permanent observer at the U.N., called the ICC a great advance for human rights. This is the growing monster Vatican bureaucrats continue to support in their pursuit of a diplomacy based on ideals of "world brotherhood" and international government which would make any Mason smile. This is what results when churchmen venture outside their field of competence, becoming dupes and de facto supporters of an agenda whose aims are the destruction of Catholic social order (already nearly accomplished) and the replacement of the reign of Christ the King with the reign of anti-Christ.

Pope Paul’s utopian dream of world peace under a universal world authority has become a very real nightmare. It is time for the Church to oppose, not support, any further expansion of the U.N.’s godless authority — before it is too late for us all. The opinion of Paul VI notwithstanding, let the U.N.’s authority decrease, not increase.