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A "Free" Afghanistan - U.N. Style

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Taliban has not even officially surrendered yet, but already UN operatives are working to introduce "liberty" into Afgahanistan.

Stephen Mosher's Population Research Institute has issued a report stating that it has "confirmed that operatives working for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are on the ground in Afghanistan, and have been distributing abortion devices and chemicals - disguised in kits marked for safe delivery - in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran."

This is a first step in the "liberation" of Afghan women - U.N. style. But so far it is not going well for the U.N. representatives of the culture of death. The report notes that "Given the great unmet need for food, shelter, water and basic health supplies - along with strong opposition to abortion throughout the Islamic world - the UNFPA's Afghan refugee operations are gaining little ground against the intended recipients. Early reports confirm that war-traumatized refugees, approached by UNFPA workers pandering abortion services, wander away quickly. And a few brave refugees - in an attempt to protect their female population and progeny - have confiscated morning-after abortion pills provided by UNFPA."

The people cry for bread, and the U.N. gives them birth control pills and abortion kits. But what else should one expect from an organization which exploits every crisis in the world in order to augment its power to meddle in the affairs of nations? As Mosher puts it: "War trauma and Taliban atrocities now provide the UNFPA with the opportunity to engage in coercive family planning programs in Afghanistan, under the guise of women's health." What else is new?

Mosher lays out the U.N.'s plan for the subversion of the morals of Afghan women: "The immediate goal for the UNFPA is to break down cultural resistance to abortion and contraception within the refugee camps. UNFPA's long-term goal is to establish permanent operations in Afghanistan. In conjunction with international abortion providers Marie Stopes and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), UNFPA plans to spend an estimated total of $20 million for abortion services within Afghanistan over the next few years."

Why in Heaven's name does the Vatican apparatus continue to lend the prestige of the Holy See to this diabolical institution, whose aims could not be more clearly in opposition to the reign of Christ the King? Oh, forgive me. The Vatican apparatus no longer speaks of the reign of Christ the King. That is part of the Church's "triumphalist" pre-conciliar past - the past for which we must now apologize to everyone, including the Red Chinese regime.

It is hard to imagine that things could get even worse in the Church and the world. And yet it is clear that barring a miracle - like the one Our Lady promised if we would only consecrate Russia - things will get much worse indeed. Just ask the starving women of Afghanistan, who are being offered abortifacients instead of food by the central organization of the New World Order.