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More Fruit from The Rotten Tree

by Christopher A. Ferrara

On January 28, 2002 Zenit news reported an article in the Catholic bishops’ newspaper, Avvenire, which documents how "Vietnam recently launched a new campaign of repression against its Montagnards, or mountain people, forcing them to drink pigs´ blood and renounce their Christian faith publicly." Most of these mountain people are Protestants, who have also been subjected to raids, arrests, tortures and disappearances by communist "security" forces.

According to Zenit, Avvenire also reported that "the Vietnamese authorities have received the support of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA). According to the Save the Montagnards organization, UNFPA is funding a strict program of birth control that includes sterilization. Last year, UNFPA allocated $17.9 million to Vietnam, specifically for programs for the Montagnards…"

The United Nations is up to its diabolical games again - supporting a communist regime’s efforts to impose population control by force and violence.

During this latest act of repression against the Montagnards, communist goons "killed a pig and forced the Montagnards to drink its blood - a ritual connected to animist traditions."

By the way, the Vatican has just staged another atrocious Day of Prayer for Peace at Assisi (January 24, 2002), to which it invited "representatives of the world’s great religions" to "pray for peace." And among those it invited to pray for peace were "representatives" of the animist religion. I know, because I was there. In fact, the animists were given the use of a room in the Sacred Convent of Saint Francis in order to pray to their demon gods during the event.

The Zenit report observes that "Repression of the Montagnards is not new. But it seems to have intensified over the past two years, following a massive conversion to Christianity in the region … A key part of the new campaign is ‘cultural leveling,’ whereby the regime wants to uproot and absorb all minority cultures in Vietnam."

Step by step the United Nations, working hand in glove with communist regimes from Red China to North Vietnam, is imposing upon the world a universal regime of contraception and abortion. Again and again the evidence of the U.N.’s evil agenda is reported in the press, and yet the "free" nations of the world, and even the Vatican City State, continue to support this diabolical organization.

It is time to get the United States, and the Vatican, out of the U.N. We must shut it down, before it shuts us down.