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Says New World Order
Rock-star "Madonna" Owns the Word Madonna,

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In yet another harbinger of what we can expect from the New World Order, a group of Benedictine nuns has lost the right use the name “Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital” on its Internet site. news service recently reported (Nov. 8, 2000) that Louise Veronica Ciccone, better known as the pop-singer Madonna, objected to the Internet site, claiming that it infringed her exclusive right to use the name Madonna. The World Intellectual Property Organization heard her complaint and decided in “Madonna’s” favor.

According to Zenit, a hospital representative declared that “What has happened is not very Catholic.” This would have to qualify as the understatement of the decade. A woman who has built her career on blaspheming the true Madonna now owns Her name for Internet purposes.

This columnist did a quick check of the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital’s former website and received the message “access refused.” Looks like “Madonna’s” lawyers have done their job. But this affair is even more sickening. According to, a Nebraska online journal (August 23, 2000), the internet domain name was also owned by Internet pornographer Dan Parisi, and “Madonna” wanted him to stop using “her” name as well. Parisi, rather than giving in to Madonna’s lawyers, offered to donate the domain name to the Benedictine hospital.

A hospital spokesman told that “We would accept the domain name from Mr. Parisi, but we do not want to be involved in any disputes between him and Madonna the rock star.” Madonna’s lawyers have indeed threatened “to sue Madonna the hospital if the hospital takes ownership of” from Parisi. Anyway, the whole dispute ended up with the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Benedictines lost the right to name their hospital after the Mother of God.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a United Nations agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO was not persuaded by the argument that the singer Madonna “was named after the Virgin Mary as was her mother and hundreds of thousands of other people throughout the world over the past 2,000 years. We do not believe that because Ms. Ciccone named her act after the Virgin Mary that gives her the right to stop any other party from using the word ‘madonna’ as a title of their website.” That makes perfect sense. But don’t look for common sense or justice in the tribunals of the New World Order.

This is just one small example of why the Vatican should have nothing to do with the United Nations or any of its organs. You cannot get good fruit from a bad tree. Nor will the Vatican ever accomplish anything by sending its diplomats to the Tower of Babel on the Hudson in order to try their hand at pruning the rotten twigs.