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Nicaragua and the
Church of Liberalism

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In her book Godless, political commentator Ann Coulter observes that abortion is the “sacrament” of the Church of Liberalism. Indeed it is.

Abortion is the blood sacrifice of innocent unborn children by which liberal regimes affirm their conformity to the great dogma of the religion of Liberalism: “toleration” of everyone and everything, except believing Catholics and the theological and moral truths for which they stand — especially the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and procreation.

The “sacrament” of abortion is the surest sign of fidelity to Liberalism. That is why the forces of Liberalism throughout the world are enraged by the recent decision of the Catholic people of Nicaragua to ban abortions for any reason whatever, and to impose prison sentences on the abortionist and the women who commit what Vatican II called the “abominable crime” of abortion.

This stunning reversal of Nicaragua’s experiment in “limited abortion rights” was accomplished, amazingly enough, with the help of the leftist Sandinistas in the Nicaraguan parliament, led by Daniel Ortega, the one-time Marxist who has since been reconciled with the Church. Even more amazing, the vote in the parliament was 52-to-0. Not a single legislator opposed the ban.

In a desperate bid to undo this “heresy,” two officials of the United Nations — the Church of Liberalism’s diabolical counterpart of the Vatican—have intervened in the Nicaraguan Supreme Court to demand that the Court overturn the abortion ban. As reported by (April 30, 2007), Dr. Rafael Cabrera, president of the pro-life group Anprovida, said that the two UN officials “have no business telling his country how to manage its internal affairs.” Cabrera, an obstetrician, “said the officials are interested in having his country ‘conform to the pro-death UN conventions of Cairo and Beijing’…”

Cabrera further observed that “With their attitude, these UN officials are promoting a new holocaust, the Holocaust of the innocent unborn.” That is exactly what they are doing. For abortion is the diabolical analogue of the sacrifice offered to the true God.

In the Old Testament (Genesis, chapter 22) we read how Abraham tells his son, Isaac, that “God himself will provide the sheep for the holocaust” — the sacrifice to God — and how God, to test Abraham, tells him to sacrifice his own son. This Abraham was prepared to do, but God, seeing Abraham’s faith, commanded: “Do not lay your hand on the boy.” Instead, Abraham sacrificed the ram, “caught by its horns in the thicket,” which God had already provided.

The god of Liberalism, unlike the true God, would not stay the hand of Abraham, and does not stay the hand of the abortionist today. On the contrary, the god of Liberalism demands human sacrifice as the highest sign of fidelity to him. This is why two ministers from the “Vatican” of the Church of Liberalism are demanding that the Supreme Court of Nicaragua restore human sacrifice in that country.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, pray for Nicaragua!