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"God of Liberty" Update

Spanish TV Now Promoting "Gay" Marriages

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Spain was once the model of the Catholic confessional state. Until as recently as 1975, the Spanish constitution proclaimed Roman Catholicism to be the religion of the state and forbade the public manifestations of non-Catholic religions, while tolerating their practice in private. Abortion, divorce and homosexual acts were all, of course, strictly forbidden by law. The moral order was protected and the state was submissive to the Church on matters of faith and morals.

But after the death of Franco, and thanks to the novel teaching of the Second Vatican Council on "religious liberty," Spain was quickly transformed from a Catholic state into an amoral secular state, overrun by evil. A pro-capitalist, pro-"liberty" summary by National Geographic explains this sudden and disastrous transformation in highly approving terms:

The Roman Catholic Church lost, in a single generation, its role of social arbiter and monitor. Traditionally one of the most rigid and doctrinaire churches in Western Europe, the Spanish church had enjoyed a privileged role under the Franco regime. Although significant elements of the church had fought against oppressive aspects of the regime and for democracy, especially after the Second Vatican Council (1962- 65), the church as a whole had been comfortable with the regime. The church supervised the education system, supported the bans on divorce and abortion, and in general counseled submission to political authorities. (National Geographic country study at http://workmall.com/wfb2001/

And what great boon has come to Spain from the "flowering" of "liberty" since 1975? Only the total destruction of the moral order in Spanish society, accompanied by the rise of consumerism, divorce, abortion, declining birth rates and now  —  the ultimate in "liberty"  —  homosexual "marriage."

On May 26, 2005 Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that "Last Wednesday during the children's program ‘Los Lunnis,’ the Spanish Television network (TVE) broadcast a segment entitled "Different Weddings," in which children were told about different ways to get married, including homosexual ‘marriage’… One of the reports, entitled ‘Different Weddings,’ showed a Sudanese man marrying a Spanish woman, a Catalonian couple getting married according to an ancient rite, and two men getting married before a justice of the peace.’ A spokesman for TVE said the decision to air the program was made because it described ‘a situation that sooner or later they will see because the law [on homosexual unions] is going to pass.’"

In a Catholic confessional state  —  which Spain was only 30 years ago  —  such a program would never have been broadcast, for the government, in obedience to the Church, would never have allowed it. But now the Spanish government is socialist, and the Church in Spain, apparently itself corrupted by the dogma of pluralism, is powerless to stop the destruction of Spanish society.

Today’s "enlightened" liberal Catholic scoffs at the idea of a Catholic confessional state, and yet he freely accepts a confessional state of another kind: a state whose religion is pluralism. And now the children of Spain are being indoctrinated to accept the "marriage" of homosexuals as a once-Catholic nation bows down before the god of "liberty"  —  the god who is devouring the Spanish people even as they cheer on their own destruction.