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The Growing Threat of Hate Crimes
Against Catholics

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 18, 2009

Americans like to boast of American “liberty,” including “religious liberty,” but the truth about all Western political regimes in our post-Christian epoch — the truth that lurks just beneath the surface of the “polite society” of commerce — is this: Political modernity is based precisely on the subordination of religion to secular authority, including the will of the almighty majority.

George Will, a rather liberal Episcopalian who can hardly be accused of reactionary Catholic tendencies, has frankly observed that: “A central purpose of America’s political arrangements is the subordination of religion to the political order, meaning the primacy of democracy…. It is the intent of the Founders.” (Washington Post, April 22, 1990). Indeed it is.

Which explains why we are witnessing a new eruption of America’s genetic fear and loathing of Roman Catholicism, dating from the foundation of the Republic in a revolution against the “popery” of King George, to the Nativist and Know-Nothing movements of the 19th Century, and continuing today in the form of relentless Catholic-bashing by the mass media.

The FBI reports that “statistics on hate crimes show a nine percent increase in crimes against religious groups in 2008 and an almost 25 percent increase in reported hate crimes against Catholics.” (Catholic News Agency [CNA] report, November 26, 2009). According to CNA, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights told USA Today “that increased outspokenness among Catholic bishops and laity may have caused some retaliation. Lay Catholics are following the energy from the bishops who are becoming more vocal than they have been.”

That is, Catholics, including some bishops, are rocking the pluralist boat by daring to oppose same-sex marriage, as with the passage of Proposition 8 banning that abomination in California, and by mobilizing against any federal funding of abortion in the “health care reform” legislation now being debated in the Senate.

That is why we are seeing a sudden surge in violence against Catholics. In America, as throughout the Western world today, Catholics are accorded what the Masonic revolutionary of the 19th Century, the Count of Cavour, called “a free Church in a free State,” by which he meant a Church that is “allowed” its place in the State on condition that it keeps its place.

And that place is the realm of the purely “private” manifestation of religious “preference.” But let the Church dare to “interfere” in the “political process” — that is, let it dare to challenge the subordination of religion to the power of the State — and it will become apparent very quickly just how tenuous our vaunted “religious liberty” is.

Literal violence against Catholics is already happening, and can be expected to increase in the proportion to which the Church militant is militant in its opposition to the “culture of death.” At the same time we can expect — and are already seeing — a wave of litigation against the Church aimed at compelling Catholic institutions to accept “gay marriage” and “gay adoption” and compelling Catholic agencies to provide “health benefits” to their employees which include payment for contraception and abortion.

The Count of Cavour’s “free Church in a free State” really means “a tolerated Church under all-powerful government.” In the days to come, just how limited that toleration is will be all too apparent.

The only defense against an ever-more-powerful secular State is the one prescribed by Pope after Pope before the Second Vatican Council: the Social Kingship of Christ over men and nations. It is this Kingship that our Queen Mother will usher in when Russia is finally consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!