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"Full Communion" Update

Rome Says SSPX "Reintegration"
Still on the Table

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 7, 2012

John Paul II lamented "silent apostasy" throughout the Catholic world not long before his death. Since Vatican II, the vast majority of Catholics has abandoned the Church's teaching on marriage and procreation, enunciated infallibly by a long line of Popes, and is thus in a state of de facto schism.

Indeed, Pope Benedict XVI has launched a new pontifical commission for the "New Evangelization" of former Catholics. But it seems the Vatican should call it the New New Evangelization, as John Paul II's original New Evangelization has clearly flopped.

As Benedict observed in his Apostolic Letter announcing creation of the commission for the New New Evangelization: "Whole countries and nations where religion and the Christian life were formerly flourishing and capable of fostering a viable and working community of faith, are now put to a hard test, and in some cases, are even undergoing a radical transformation, as a result of a constant spreading of an indifference to religion, of secularism and atheism."

Yet, in the midst of this apocalyptic collapse of the Faith in what was once Christendom, the Vatican continues to dicker with the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) about its "reconciliation... with the See of Peter." Irony of ironies, while vast regions of the Catholic world no longer pay any heed to papal teaching deemed inconveniently restrictive of one's preferred "lifestyle," the clergy and faithful of SSPX, who actually practice what the Popes preach, are deemed to be in need of "reconciliation" with Peter.

Thus, the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei has recently (October 27) issued a bulletin to the effect that, following the "theological discussions" with SSPX concerning Vatican II, it has become "possible to proceed to a phase of discussion more directly focused on the greatly desired reconciliation of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X with the See of Peter." This will involve what the Commission calls a "process of gradual reintegration had already been taken by the Holy See in 2007 with the extension of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite to the Universal Church..."

There we have it: the absurdity of our situation in a nutshell. In order to "reconcile" SSPX with the See of Peter, the "extraordinary form" of the Mass — that is, the traditional Roman Rite of 1500 years' standing — has been "extended to the universal Church." But why was it withdrawn from the universal Church in the first place? Would it not be more accurate to say that Pope Benedict's release of the traditional Latin Mass from its ridiculous captivity since 1970 represents the Vatican's "reconciliation" with the Church's own abandoned Tradition?

Who, in fact, is really in need of reconciliation here? Hint: Certainly not the Society of Saint Pius X. Yet the "reconciliation" of SSPX seems to be the only reconciliation project on the Vatican's radar, which somehow misses the apostasy spreading everywhere in the wake of the Second Vatican Council's "renewal" of the Church.

No doubt this utterly absurd state of affairs was foreseen in that part of the Third Secret of Fatima we have yet to see: the Virgin's explanation of how the Church and the world arrive at the scene of devastation depicted in the vision published in 2000. Please God, the Fatima saga will have its glorious fulfillment before we arrive at the sorry pass.